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How to Vote on May 2010 Philippine Election

Mar 12, 2010 by     8 Comments    Posted under: Daily Stuff, Philippines

In Philippines, We will experience on how to vote thru automated or computerized election and the following video will help those searchers and my readers on how to vote on May 2010 Philippine Election.

I have already blog about my comment regarding automated or computerized election in the past which attracts lots of comment. and the text that GMA 7 have given to the public on how to vote via computerized Voting.

Unfortunately I will be one of those who will not be able to experience it because I don’t think we will use the same in overseas absentee voting. Anyway I hope this video will help my fellow Filipino. All I can say is vote wisely.

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  • hope this will be disseminated so that everyone will have a glimpse on the actual process on the automated election system

    • @alvin,

      Yup it should be.. We all have to be informative since this will be first.

      • @Dexter | Techathand.net,

        hoping for a clean election with this new system…
        which i doubt…but i’m still hoping…

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  • Hi Dexter. From my understanding, the voter will only shade the voters form reflecting the candidates they wish to elect. Interface with the machine will be solely done by the teachers/personnel assigned at the voting precint.

    • @Janette Toral,

      Thanks for the information Miss Janette.

    • @Janette Toral,

      Miss Janette, the voters themselves feed the ballots into the PCOS machines, after shading them. It’s not the teachers.

      The teachers, on the other hand are the ones in charge of turning on, printing the 30 copies of election returns, connect the modem for transmission and turning off the machine

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