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Bayani Fernando is Using Adwords

Mar 3, 2010 by     15 Comments    Posted under: Philippines

Bayani Fernando is Using Adwords, While doing blog hoping today I have seen that Bayani Fernando is now using Google Adwords in his political campaign, I have seen Barack Obama using this technique and winning the game. So will Bayani Fernando win the race to Malacanang ? Do we see Noy-Noy and Manny Villar doing the same in the near future when their limit to television ads will be completed ? And for sure Google Adwords is cheaper than television ads.

Here is a a sample of Bayani fernando’s Ads in Google Adword

He is actually promoting his facebook account. If I were him, I will direct the ads to the list of my accomplishments and Political platform. A picture of changes of Manila from crowded manila to a more discipline people.
This is just my opinion. This politician should hire an internet campaign manager.

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  • A lot of this 2010 elections candidates are using the power of online advertising and social media. As early as December last year, I have seen ads of politicians in Adwords and Facebook advertising.

    I also noticed Gibo Teodoro advertising in yahoo. I remember I guess 1 straight week that his ads were at the top of my yahoo inbox.

    They have hired online consulting firms/experts to leverage on the power of the internet.

  • sorry no sleep at all….another one here…PLATFORM … 😉

    • @StrayArrow,

      Siguro puro Optimization ginagawa mo kaya di ka nakakatulog.. Ano ano nga kaya ang platform ng mga kandidato natin.. Hmm.. you give me an idea about a series of post in my other blog.. Pero kailangan din ng research nito 🙂

  • maybe thee is not platform at all…hmmmm…anyway why is that adsense tells me that my zip code or postal code is either non existent or incorrect? I have already checked it ga zillion times and irs the same… anyone care to help? thanks

    • @StrayArrow, MAYBE THERE IS NO PALTFORM AT ALL….corrections 😉

    • @StrayArrow,

      Sorry pero di ko pa na encounter yung ganyang problem.. Check mo yung country baka naka set sa US.

  • I interviewed his team before. Looks like they have different objectives depending on area. Maybe they have a diff strategy in Saudi. I have seen heavy BF Facebook ads in the Philippines leading to his FB account as well. FB is being used by media as benchmark of winnability in the country. Sad truth probably headed by the Villar camp who is spending millions on FB alone.

    • @Rey Santayana,

      “FB is being used by media as benchmark of winnability in the country. ” Tssskk I just hope that Voters will be intelligent enough to know the right person for that post. and not rely on Ads even in net and in television.

      Thanks for the visit.

  • Grabe po ang ads ni Villar using google adwords. ^_^ I see them very often kasi.

  • Well Facebook is getting ever more richer because of Villar and Noynoy ads. lol

    I think Bayani should do the same. Adwords is freakishly expensive. He could go broke in no time.

    The use of Facebook ads is much more cheaper and targeted!

    • @Whoa,

      I am not seeing it here in Saudi Arabia, MAybe their ads in facebook is targeted to Philippines only..

      And I agree with you Adword ads is costly than facebook if not implemented well, but it could also be very cheap.. @ 0.01 per click

  • Good for you that you notice this…well i guess during this season of political campaigns, politicians would do anything to get that vote. You have such great blogs Dexter, you inspire me! Keep it up!

    • @philippines jobs,

      Great to see you here , hope you will find my site useful 🙂

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