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Transferring of Money from PayPal to Xoom Reviewed

Yesterday I received my first ever PayPal payment from Affiliate Text Links via text-link-ads.com and some funds were also received from ReviewMe as payments for all reviews I made last 3 months.

My intention in writing this is to demonstrate the percentage being remove from your earning if we cannot directly received from our local banks. I have used the service of Xoom.com to transfer my earning to my Metrobank Debit Card.

Here is my findings :

  1. The amount gone during transfer of text-link-ads.com and ReviewMe to my Paypal Account actually ranges from 5 to 5.5% of your total payment. An example is if you received $50 the total amount to be credited at your PayPal will be $ 47.5.
  2. When Transferring PayPal to Xoom.com you have to pay $3.5 Service fee for the amount of 47.5 so your remaining funds will be $44 ( I suggest making Payment buttons at your xoom account that will directly deposit to you enrolled bank at xoom ). 
  3. No Payment fee from Paypal in transferring to xoom.
  4. So from $50 the original amount to $ 44 after all fees, You lost about 12 % of your income ( 6 $ )
  5. Compare to Adsense cheque, it is better since if I have let say minimum barrier amount from Adsense which is $100 and I opt to send via Secured Payment I am loosing 24% of my income ( US$24) and total remains $ 76. But still you can use Western Union as an option without fee.
  6. Exchange rate for xoom.com is lower than the usual exchange rate as shown .

As of this moment xoom.com is processing my payment to my own account.

It will be better that your account from PayPal be verified so that you may not have limit in sending money. As of this writing I have a limit of US $100. This is not per transaction. The amount is for the Total Sending Limit. If you reach that amount you can not send any money. So verifying your account is a must. There are some suggestion in the blogpost made by Yuga that Union Bank EON is the best bank to try.

For me I am still waiting the reactivation of my Citibank Visa Card. I have read somewhere, that It can be use to verify account. I juts don’t know if that can be used to withdraw account. I will also try to activate my OFW EPCI Visa bank Card, It might work as well, Anybody tried?

So my suggestion is if you can let your transaction goes directly to your xoom payment links it will be better to use it but if not, then you have to use PayPal service.

So may I know about your experience?

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  • Hey can you list the step by step process of how to transfer from PayPal account to xoom.com

    Paypal recently has stopped all personal payments to and from india. So I need to transfer frunds to xoom before I transfer it to my bank.

    Nice informative post though.

  • In my experience as of this writing.

    I initiated a Paypal -> Xoom using Bank Deposit to Bank of Philippine Island (this is my Bank Account). Yes, I am planning to deposit my Paypal Money to My BPI Account using XOOM. And there is goes, on my XOOM, the transaction was cancelled and in my Paypal, the status was Pending.

    Did someone encountered this problem? Please help. I want to cancel all the transactions in Xoom and credit back the ammount to my paypal.

    • @Fel Jun,

      You better contact xoom for that matter, that is why I don’y recommend Paypal to Xoom, for me I use Paypal to Credit Card which I did not encounter any problem at all.

  • Hi. I hope you could help me. I’ve just created a xoom account but I don’t know how to transfer my PayPal funds to my Xoom account. Could u pls tell me how to do it? =]

    Thanks a lot!

    • @Christa,

      First of all I don’t recommend using xoom to paypal , I had a very bad experience with that system.. I would suggest you use credit card instead.. If you are in Philippines I don’t know if there is any problem.. I tried to do that in Saudi Arabia and it fails..

      • @Dexter Panganiban,

        Thanks a lot for the quick response & good advice.
        I’ve just inquired in BDO about getting a debit card so I could be PayPal verified. They told me that the min. deposit is P2,000 & that my debit no. would be diff from my bank account no. I’m wondering if PayPal would accept this since the no. would be diff from my bank account??? Or is it like this in all cases?? Hope to hear from u soon. Thanks a lot for your time & help, Dexter =]

      • @Christa,

        Well I don’t know if they will accept a BDO Debit card. I am sure with Credit Card.. You can contact James of http://www.pinoymoneytalk.com/ they are more capable in answering this kind of question 🙂

  • […] Transferring of Money from PayPal to Xoom Reviewed […]

  • verified Paypal??

    I did not use the the Pick Up Option since I am not staying in Philippines.. The problem is my Paypal Accoutn is still not verifed.. I am still waiting for my credit Crad.

    Yes.. my transaction has been cancelled twice..

    Sad to say 🙁

    Maybe I have to verify my paypal account first..

  • @Dexter
    I contacted Xoom if PayPal to Xoom is possible even if the sender and receiver is the same person. Here is what they said:

    “Please be informed you can transfer funds from your verified Paypal account in The Philippines. You can also choose the disbursement option Bank Deposit, Delivery or Pick-up as per your convenience. Do keep in mind the beneficiary name should also be your name. Rest assured you can visit our web-site and initiate a transfer.”

    Dexter, did you use the “PickUp” option? Because if you do, you might be able to get it in just one day. What appears in your XOOM transaction, is it always “”Transaction Cancellation Pending””?

  • @ Yagami
    Well actually it is still under process.. The first attempt fails.. I am still waiting for xoom.. I will update thru another post .. I have used different exoperiment to get this one.

  • Did you do it? Were you able to withdraw the PayPal through Xoom?

  • I was in US when I started blogging… that’s why I have a paypal US Account and a US bank Account…

    Oh I forgot… Sorry I thought you’re in the Philippines too…

    hrrmmm that might be a problem…If my memory serves me correct you’re in Saudi Arabia, right?

  • @ jeff, but remember thru fee we as bloggers earn

    My problem is I am not in Philippines ,and theres is no means to open EON account, I am still waiting for the reactivation of my Citibank credit card, BTW you are not in Philippines?

  • using paypal is better, less fees…

    using paypal -> xoom -> to your bank would cost you more dollars…

    Since paypal philippines has send/receive it should be no problem… next step is finding the right bank for it…

    since I have Paypal US and a US bank account, I never had that kind of concern or problem, (on how to get my money)

    even my adsense checks are sent directly to my paypal account which I transfer to my Mastercard

  • That is a whole lot of fees. I hate fees. 🙂

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