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Warning on using your PayPal outside your Country

Dec 22, 2007 by     3 Comments    Posted under: Philippines, Problogging - Make Money Online

This post will be more applicable to those using and applied for PayPal in Philippines.

Last month I have been made on a limited account by PayPal Philippines,At first it is unclear about the reason in having a PayPal limited account. At first I thought credit card from Citibank will help me finish the issue with PayPal.

After receiving my card at my expense, I have tried to input details of my credit card with my PayPal account through the PayPal resolution center, But another problem is encountered. They don’t want to receive new credit card since I am on a limited account.

The only resort is to call their paypal hotline number which I spend about SAR 50.00 ( PHP 600 ) just to talk to their operator. And I just found out that the probable cause of my limited account is when I tried to transfer money to Xoom.com form Saudi Arabia.

So If your PayPal is registered in Philippines, it is better to use it from the country where it was applied.If you will use it outside your country, there is a chance of being account limited.

PayPal advise me to send a copy of  Philippine ID and Credit Card Billing with Address using their form that could be found in the PayPal Resolution Center. I just hope it could be remedied soon since I have $180 in my account.

So that is the Danger of Using PayPal Outside Country

There are some experience that James (from Pinoy Money Talk ) informed through their forum ( here ). You might want to check it out.

Do you have any other experience which might help me lift up my account ? Any information will be of great help.

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  • I recommend creating a new or multiple account. I guess there is nothing wrong with that.

    • @Freesky Online,

      Nothing wrong as long as you will not be caught.. iT is illegal to have more than one account and again.. if you are not caught no problem 🙂

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