Ever Wonder What is the Most Expensive Keywords ?

The people behind WordStream, Inc., had recently made a study on what keywords are making a big profit to Google through their Adwords for Q2 2011, Below graph shows the ranking of different keywords.Graph shows the

most expensive keywords niche due to demand , and competition in terms of high search volume.

The graph could give an idea on what niche should be blog, in order to get a high CPC.

But for sure competition is really high on this top 20 niche.

Try to optimize an insurance keywords and you can see the different competitors in the SERP. But there is always long tail keywords that has low or no competition at all.


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The 20 most expensive keyword categories with the highest search volume and highest costs per click, thereby netting Google the most money, are:

  1. Insurance
  2. Loans
  3. Mortgage
  4. Attorney
  5. Credit
  6. Lawyer
  7. Donate
  8. Degree
  9. Hosting
  10. Claim
  11. Conference Call
  12. Trading
  13. Software
  14. Recovery
  15. Transfer
  16. Gas/Electricity
  17. Classes
  18. Rehab
  19. Treatment
  20. Cord Blood

Check for more information’s at their site

So did the graph above help you in a way ? Let me know your idea about this ?
Dexter Panganiban https://techathand.net/about-2/

Dexter is a person who loves technology,new gadget, SEO, Social Media and Christianity. Follow him at twitter via @techathand and add him @ Google+ and contact us at [email protected]

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    • 4

      Meron na actually ako nabasa dati na yong insurance and mortgage and top ranking keywords but they are also hard to put into the top search result kasi very competitive nga ung KW.

      • 7


        Long tail keywords are those three and four keyword phrases which are very, very specific to whatever you are targeting.. It could also be more than 4 words phrase.. lalo na sa mga high competion keywords na insurance.

        i.e.. free insurance quotation in Manhattan

        the keywords above came fore free insurance quotation or insurance quotation keywords..

        But it is very specific to few searchers. and ofcourse search volume is less compared to other keywords.

      • 8

        @Dexter, I see. Salamat po. I will try to use new strat to target useful and expensive keywords heheh para lumaki din ang earnings.

  1. 9

    Hello, Dexter! How are you now?! Some people says that FOREX is one of the most expensive keyword, but, never thought of INSURANCE! Tnx for sharing! =)

    • 10


      I am ok, and doing good.. Nice to see you comment again on this blog.. Forex is also good to target as keywords but Forex and insurance competition is very high. But we could always target the long tail keywords 🙂

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