What are the Advantages of Online Transaction?

I am a type of person who loves to do online purchases. I would like to share you guys the advantage of having an online purchases.

One of the most important tools in buying online is the Credit Card. Although there are other third party site that could process payment it still end up on using Credit Card on adding funds to those sites.

I use online transaction when paying Electric Bill, Telephone Bill, Prepaid Phone Cards, Buying Sale Items from E-bay, buying Airline Travel Tickets and Hotel Reservations.

Advantages of Online Transaction:

  1. You don’t have to fall in line in paying. For online transaction you just have to use your fingers and computer in purchasing.
  2. You don’t have to exert an effort in getting the product you want, you can use the search function and the hassle of looking manually of the needed items will be decreased.
  3. It saves time on purchasing and you can do other things without living your workplace.
  4. I could earn points thru my credit card where I could use it in some of my purchases online.
  5. I am purchasing my airline ticket for my travels as well as hotel reservation online.

Some Tips When Purchasing Online:

  1. Try to investigate the site first. Look for some reviews online before doing the purchase and giving your credit card details. You can use google.com and check for reviews online.
  2. Check if the site where you will give your credit card details is secured, You can check the URL, if the URL begins with “ https:// “, it means that it is a secured site. You can also see at the bottom part of your web browser a closed key icon.
  3. Ask your colleagues if they have tried using the site.

And because of this tips, I have decided to have an e-commerce blog site here in Saudi Arabia, where I could sell anything. For now we are selling, Saudi Arabian Pre-paid Phone Credits, ( STC SAWA, Mobily and Zain ) but I know soon this could be more. My concept is a combination of Blog and E-commerce site. Best of Riyadh, Will aim to give information about Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and at the same time will give an option for travellers to buy things that is necessary while staying in Riyadh. Our site differs from other online site in Riyadh since we could accept payment thru PayPal or Credit Card via PayPal.

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    Fotograf Timisoara

    Mostly of my bank transactions are online because I am very busy all day long and I can do tham frrom my computer staying in the office.

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