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Ask.com Re Launch

Oct 6, 2008 by     No Comments    Posted under: Uncategorized

Well who among you uses ask.com as their browser ? Maybe they are few because most of us uses google.com or yahoo.com since those are search engine bundled with our favorite browser. Well today ask.com has been re launched with different function . Just a bit of information that Ask.com got a 4.5% share of the searches last august as reported by Comscore which is way far from Google.com and Yahoo.com.

ask.com relaunch

Here are some of my observation :

  • The Main site is clean and without advertisement
  • If you are fun of skin, you will definitely love their different type of skin
  • There are new features called ask Q&A Section where it is linked thru yahoo answers.

You can check for their Privacy Links for more information.

I know that there are more features for the new ask.com site but, the site should market and improve their searches so that they could compete with the giant such as google.com and yahoo.com.

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