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Erin Andrews Video Download Attacks Target Macs and PCs

Jul 21, 2009 by     2 Comments    Posted under: Uncategorized

For the last few days, Erin Andrews Video Download for her alleged Peephole Video has a high search in the net, I am about to post it here but I cannot made a topic that will be suitable for this blog but anyways  just today I found out that there are group of crooks who tried to inject Virus and malware to those people hungry and looking for Erin Andrews Video Download Rapidshare Link. It was reported in the PCWorld that this malware will try to ask you to install a special player just to watch the Erin Andrews PeepHole Video. So if you try to do this, your computer will be at risk, I would like to quote PC World’s Explanation about the matter :

The video player trick is another big favorite among those who make money from infecting PCs. And it doesn’t stop with PCs – according to a blog post from Graham Cluely of Sophos, some attack sites hyping the Erin Andrews video will automatically check to see whether a visitor is using a Mac or a PC and launch a customized attack. The example he cites attempts to infect a PC with Mal/EncPk-IF malware or a rogue antivirus app. Mac users get an OSX/Jahlav-C Trojan horse.

As malicious video codecs and players are common attacks, it’s a very good idea to send any such download to Virustotal.com for a comprehensive scan from multiple antivirus engines before double-clicking or installing it. Doing so won’t guarantee that you’ll catch every piece of malware, but it offers much better odds than just scanning with the one security program on your computer.

So to all of you pron Hungry be aware if you are downloading a video or a virus in your computer.and by the way you don’t have to download a special player for any video that you want download in the net.

[PC World]

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  • Arin Andrews vid downloads are really high in the news.. there are many people complaining about it… that they have got the malware by the download… but i must state here that i have also downloaded Arin’s vid and my PC is working nicely as it did earlier…

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