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Is Your Blog Really a Blog Site ? or a NEWS Site ?

Jan 27, 2008 by     10 Comments    Posted under: Random Post

First I would like to thank ShoeMoney for responding to my question. I like the way he communicate with his reader. And it feels good as a reader to be responded by an “A” list blogger like him.

My question is shown below :

Dexter : Techathand.net asks:

do ” A ” lister blogger like you still blog hop..or you get most of your news to heads up. if you are blog hoping any tips for your reader

ShoeMoney: I try to keep a blog and not a news site. This site has always just been kind of my thoughts. I know it makes a lot of “how to make money” lists and tips but that is just a coincidence.

Actually his answer leads me to another question? Is this site a blog site or a news site ? From time to time I am posting some breaking news for my readers to read ( not to mention the SEO factor of it ) , is it blogging or reporting ?  Well whatever. as long as there are still visitors commenting and asking from this site I believe I will still do some NEWS posting here.

But I prefer this site to be called as a blog and not a news site 🙂

What about you ? Do you maintain a Blog Site or a News Site ?

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  • @ Allen,

    Let say that the early the tech news you can reveal.. The more visitors will come to your site via search engine

  • I would say mine is both. Although it is more of a blog than a news site because I rarely post news. hehe

  • @MIkko,

    So I can say that a Blog could also be a source of dated information.

  • My blog has once became a graduating high school student’s portal with all the links to different college admission exam results. 😀

  • @ nimrodjo ,

    I believe I have to disagree a little bit, Since a Tech Blog without Latest News in Technology will not known.

    and will not be given attention.

  • Many of the blogs I encounter is truly a blog site…I never encounter a blog that post as a news site…I think blog should be just BLOG…

  • @ bongkersz

    But there are some credible Bloggers out there. Like Tech Crunch perhaps. They are always first when it come to Tech News in the net.

  • to be a news site, one need certain credibility to do so. a blog site, you can write whatever you want without even verify the content 😀 most of us just pick up some news and post it on our blog, then inject some thoughts on the news.

  • Yupp.. It is. That is why i prefer to be called Blog Site. Although I must admit that there are lots of post here pertains to News either around the world or at my home country.

    But still I believe that there is no Tech Blog without A news with it.

  • Hmmm, that’s an interesting question. It’s really tough to say our blog as a news site. I suppose, blog is a place where we can pen down whatever thoughts come our way. So, I prefer my own blog to be called as a blog site although you may find few latest tech news out there.

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