Miss Universe Results, Winners and Beauty Titlist

I just learned that on July 14,2008, Miss Universe will be aired in Vietnam and we will know the result. I do hope that the Beauty Pageant result will be favorable to Filipinos. I will update this post soon. 🙂 Bookmark this page. On July 14th 2008, there will be lots of Beauty Titlist that will show their talent at the stage, There are lot of beautiful woman that will be called Miss Beauty , Miss Pageant, Miss Contest or whatsoever. Well Philippines also has it’s bet to top the Contestant. and She is none other than :

Miss Universe Results, Winners and Beauty Titlist Jennifer Barrientos, the Miss Universe Philippines 2008 contestant, belongs to San Mateo Rizal, in the Philippines. Jennifer also won the Binibining Pilipinas 2008 title. Reports says that Jennifer Barrientos is the youth leader at the local church ministry and a freelance model. She has got a BS Tourism degree from the University of Santo Tomas. Earlier, Jennifer Barrientos had worked as a Welcome Ambassador for the Star World Hotel in Macau. 

Yesterday it was also shown in TV Patrol that Jeniffer has shown great effort on the Bikini Portion.

I would like to tell you history about the Miss Universe Contest and here it is :

Satellite developments in the 1970s allowed the MISS UNIVERSE® competition to travel outside the United States ( USA ), and in 1972, via satellite, for the first time from the Cerromar Beach Hotel in Dorado, Puerto Rico. That event inaugurated a series of annual television specials, which presented the culture and attractions of some of the most spectacular regions of the world to an international audience of hundreds of millions of people. From Puerto Rico, the competition traveled to these exciting locations:

  • Nha Trang, Vietnam (2008)
  • Mexico City, Mexico (1993, 2007)
  • Los Angeles, California (1990, 2006)
  • Bangkok, Thailand (1992, 2005)
  • Quito, Ecuador (2004)
  • Puerto Rico (2001, 2002)
  • Cyprus (2000)
  • Trinidad & Tobago (1999)
  • Honolulu, Hawaii (1998)
  • Miami Beach, Florida (1997)
  • Las Vegas, Nevada (1996)
  • Windhoek, Namibia (1995)
  • Manila, Philippines (1994)
  • Las Vegas, Nevada (1991)
  • Cancun, Mexico (1989)
  • Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China (1988)
  • Singapore (1987)
  • Panama City, Panama (1986, 2003)
  • Miami, Florida (1984, 1985)
  • St. Louis, Missouri (1983)
  • Lima, Peru (1982)
  • New York, New York (1981)
  • Seoul, South Korea (1980)
  • Perth, Australia (1979)
  • Acapulco, Mexico (1978)
  • The Dominican Republic (1977)
  • Hong Kong (1976)
  • El Salvador (1975)
  • Manila, Philippines (1974)
  • Athens, Greece (1973)

Hhmm so it was also held in Manila. So to our Philippine’s Representative. The Best of Luck to You. I wonder when it will be held in India ?

Update : Here are the results

Here’s the complete list of winners:

Winner of Miss Universe 2008: Miss Venezuela – Daya Mendoza
1st Runner-up: Colombia – Taliana Vargas
2nd Runner-up: Dominican Republic – Marianne Cruz Gonzalez
3rd Runner-up: Russia – Vera Krasova
4th Runner-up: Mexico – Elisa Najera

Miss Congeniality: El Salvador – Rebeca Moreno

Best in National Costume: Thailand – Gavintra Photijak

Miss Universe 2008 Top 10 (In no particular order)

  1. Venezuela – Daya Mendoza
  2. Kosovo – Zana Krasniqi
  3. Mexico – Elisa Najera
  4. Australia – Laura Dundovic
  5. Dominican Republic – Marianne Cruz Gonzalez
  6. Italy – Claudia Ferraris
  7. Colombia – Taliana Vargas
  8. Russia – Vera Krasova
  9. USA – Crystle Stewart
  10. Spain – Clausia Moro

Miss Universe 2008 Top 15 (In no particular order)

  1. Venezuela – Daya Mendoza
  2. Kosovo – Zana Krasniqi
  3. Mexico – Elisa Najera
  4. Vietnam – Lam Thuy Nguyen
  5. South Africa – Tansey Coetzee
  6. Australia – Laura Dundovic
  7. Japan – Hiroko Mima
  8. Dominican Republic – Marianne Cruz Gonzalez
  9. Italy – Claudia Ferraris
  10. Colombia – Taliana Vargas
  11. Russia – Vera Krasova
  12. Hungary – Jazmin Dammak
  13. Czech Republic – Eliska Buckova
  14. USA – Crystle Stewart
  15. Spain – Clausia Moro

Best in Bikini – Queen of Vinpearl
– Winner: Elisa Najera – Mexico
– Top 5 finalists:
* Taliana Vargas – Colombia
* Simran Kaur – India
* Claudia Moro – Spain
* Crystle Stewart – USA

Special Award Winners:

Best in Bikini – Queen of Vinpearl

Winner: Elisa Najera (Mexico)

Top 5 finalists: Taliana Vargas (Colombia), Simran Kaur (India), Claudia Moro (Spain), Crystle Stewart (USA.

Best in Áo dài

  • Winner: Dayana Mendoza (Venezuela)
  • Runner-ups: Simran Kaur (India), Nguy?n Thùy Lâm (Vietnam), Gavintra Photijak (Thailand), Alfina Nasyrova (Kazakhstan).

Best National Costume

  • Winner: Gavintra Photijak (Ms. Thailand)
  • Top 10 finalists: Matilda Mecini (Albania), Taliana Vargas (Colombia), Marianne Cruz (Dominican Republic), Simran Kaur (India), Zana Krasniqi (Kosovo), Elisa Najera (Mexico), Karol Castillo (Peru), Tansey Coetzee (South Africa), Dayana Mendoza (Venezuela), Nguy?n Thùy Lâm (Vietnam).

Miss Congeniality: Rebeca Moreno (Ms. El Salvador)

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