PLDT Telpad “IDEOS S7 Slim with Android” Full User Review

It is our pleasure to give our full user review for the PLDT Telpad that was lent to us by PLDT through Nuffnang. In fact, PLDT have installed a line to our house just to make sure that we could get our connection and we could test their unit. Big thanks to PLDT for that matter. We were able to use the PLDT Telpad for almost a month and our trial has been extended by PLDT for another month. Nevertheless, we believe that we could give our fair review with this Android device. The PLDT Telpad is powered by the largest Telco, PLDT.

First of all, here are the unboxing photos:


PLDT Telpad

PLDT Telpad

PLDT Telpad

We have tested the IDEOS S7 Slim with Android 2.2.2 Version of the Telpad at Bacoor, Cavite after PLDT provided us with a 1.5 MBPS connection. PLDT Telpad is an Android Tablet coupled with a phone unit as shown in the pictures below.


PLDT Telpad

PLDT Telpad

PLDT Telpad

PLDT Telpad

Gone were the days where telephones were only used for voice communication because PLDT has been innovative enough to introduce the PLDT Telpad.

Here are some of the capabilities of the said unit based on our experience.

  1. We were able to use the internet connection of the tablet at a distance of 7- 8 meters away from the WIFI router.
  2. The camera feature of the Telpad could get picture size up to 2048 x 1536 using the jpeg format with color effects in normal mode, mono mode, negative mode and sepia mode.
  3. Our speed tests show that the maximum speed that we could get is about 800 KBPS (We have been given a 1 mbps connection).
  4. The Telpad can also capture video with a maximum time of 30 minutes using CIF video format.
  5. We have enjoyed playing Angry Birds with this unit as well as other free games available in Android store.
  6. We have used the Telpad to communicate with our relatives in other countries through different free Android applications for calling.
  7. We have also extensively used the pad for social networking purposes.
  8. Occasionally we also used the unit to capture pictures and some video moments of our pet.
  9. Of course an extensive use of the Telpad for internet browsing purpose.

The unit could be used with any Android application that could be found in Android market.

Facebook could be used on this unit as long as a proper application is installed. This unit is capable of executing different applications that could also be found in other Android Operating Systems. It is equipped with an 8 GB internal memory and is also capable of having an external memory. It would be best if the unit could have a larger internal memory. Otherwise, it could easily be remedied by using external memory as mentioned.

One of the great offers from PLDT to Telpad customers is its capability to be connected to the internet even away from home. We are referring to PLDT Telpad’s Telpad + WiFi Zone. Telpad subscribers will only need to add P150 to their current MSF to avail of this offer. Check for the available Wifi Zone on this link. Customers could be connected up to 100Mbps to dedicated wifi available in the wifi zones.

The PLDT wifi zone gives Internet access to about 5,000 hot zones for only a minimal monthly fee of P150 and P300, respectively for myDSL and voice-only subscribers.

We have tried the unit using different applications but we have mainly used the unit for playing, chatting, socialization, video viewing through YouTube and playing great Christian music. Youtube connection is exemplary since buffering is not experienced as compared to our netbook. If your main purpose for having this one is for picture taking, I don’t think this would be best for you. It is advisable get a camera that could get high-resolution pictures and videos. But anyway you can check the picture and video below that was part of our testing with this unit.

Video sample taken by Telpad

Here are some of the pictures taken by this gadget:

PLDT Telpad

PLDT Telpad

PLDT Telpad

PLDT Telpad


PLDT Telpad

PLDT Telpad

Its main purpose is for internet browsing, checking E-mail, socialization, calendar mapping etc. I could not recommend the unit for use in heavy blogging mainly because of its size.

PLDT Telpad

PLDT Telpad

When it comes to its physical appearance of the phone, it is great and also presentable. Your visitors will surely say that you are techie by owning this unit.

[schema type=”review” url=”” name=”PLDT Telpad “IDEOS S7 Slim with Android” Full User Review” description=”The review focus on the usage and physical outlook of the IDEOS S7 Slim” rev_name=”PLDT Telpad “IDEOS S7 Slim with Android” ” rev_body=”The PLDT is a great device that can be used not only as a modem but as a tablet as well. All in One from PLDT” author=”Dexter Panganiban” pubdate=”2012-04-12″ user_review=”8″ min_review=”1″ max_review=”10″ ]

Dexter Panganiban

Dexter is a person who loves technology,new gadget, SEO, Social Media and Christianity. Follow him at twitter via @techathand and add him @ Google+ and contact us at [email protected]

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  1. 2

    ano po application ung ginagamit sa telpad dialer meron kasi ko pldt wifi sa bahay at ZTE 7″tab android 2.3 gerger bread at cherry mobile na titan ung puede ba sya madownloadan ng wifi phone dialer katulad ng telpad tks

  2. 7
    Lianka P. Montilla

    Hi everyone. We are new to PLDT mydsl telpad. my cousin set up a password for the telpad to unlock so many times the telpad prompted us “use your google account to unlock the telpad” but when we are trying to sign in our accounts still won’t unlock what will shall do please help us.. ?

  3. 9

    hi po ask ko sna how to unlock pldt telpad nkalagay nlng po log in your gmail account tpos nun ilalog in ko na ayw po mali dw yung email eh ilan bese ko nmn po na check tama nmn po yung email and password .then do u know din po sa emergency # ng telpad meron kc nkalagay sa ibaba na emergency call , pls help me sir

  4. 10

    Paano nyo po na-set yung sa android market? kapag po kasi ineenter ko na yung google account details ko, di po makaconnect, nageerror po >.<

  5. 13
    Chris Scott

    Sorry dude…until PLDT improves their customer service I won’t waste my time with this.

    “….having new customer is one of their aim.” – that’s BS and you know it. I can show you over 100 separate blogs worth of unhappy PLDT customers and at least that many Facebook pages created just to talk about how terrible the service is. Until they figure out the importance of the customer in a business equation then they will continue to lose to their competitors. It’s soo easy….

  6. 15

    Is there any way to use a sim card on this? I see there’s a sim card slot where the battery goes, but there’s some foam on it.

  7. 17

    Is this going to be offered as a bundled packaged by PLDT? If so then this is a fairly good offer. Fairly because I am a bit concerned with the limitations at 7-8meters coverage. But then, you can’t be much of choser when it comes to these packages/bundles.

    Good review and the video+photos you took look solid.

  8. 19

    Indeed a comprehensive review Dexter. I think it is one great option to browse the net. Plus, those additional perks are just awesome. I wonder how much it costs?

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