How to Check Family Visa Refunds in Saudi Arabia

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Update: (April, 2014) Nowadays refund can be easily check through MOI Website.

First of all this is applicable to OFW working in Saudi Arabia.  Many Filipinos in Saudi Arabia heard the rumors that there is a possibility of reimbursing payments they have made for the family visa. That is why lots of people tried to rush in Riyadh Bank just to check if they are eligible to have a refund.

Well here is the instruction on how you could check online about your refund.

  1. An expatriate wanting to find out if he has made a deposit with the government and whether he is eligible for a refund needs to visit the Ministry of Interior’s website ( He can click on the “English” option if necessary before clicking on the “e-Services” button on the top of the page.
  2. He must then go to the “MOI Diwan” section and click on “Public Query About Available Funds,” before submitting his iqama number. If he is eligible for a refund, he must take a printout of this information and visit his nearest Riyad Bank.

The printed documents is the one that needs to be given to Riyadh bank in order to get the refund, The website works only thru iExplore and does not work with firefox.

I love the technology that MOI ( Ministry of Interior ) have made in order to help expatriates to know about some details while in Saudi Arabia. The site will also give details about visa status and different information connected to one’s iqama and passport.

So to my fellow OFW living in Saudi Arabia, you might want to check if you have a refund. 🙂 Proceed to the site mentioned above.

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  1. 1

    Dear Sir,

    In my ABSHER account i can see 1,000 is deposited in the Passport section. but i dont know how to refund it. Last time i have paid penitently through NCB Quick Pay account for my new born son iqama fees. who born in KSA.


  2. 2

    help needed I apply for family visa KSA, and to paying my employeer using his online banking the 2000 SR. transfer to MOI abshir account but when i check the my MOI Asbhir put in to passport instead of labor importation.

    my question is if be possible to transfer 2000 sr instead to MOI labor imporation instead to refund the money and return back transfer it again

  3. 3

    i have got job in saudi arabia as a mechanical engineer.I have check the status of my visa it is showing ‘fee returned’ in the status column.Why it is showing like that?can the company get that visa again?if yes then how much time it will take?
    Plz help

  4. 10
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