Mobily Brings BlackBerry Bold 9700 in Saudi Arabia

For Saudi Readers

Mobily has announced today that they are bringing BlackBerry Bold 9700, in Saudi Arabia Market, it will cost

Etihad Etisalat (Mobily) officially launched the BlackBerry Bold 9700 Kingdom-wide, According to statement issued by Mobily . The “9700” is the latest HSDPA enabled BlackBerry device that runs on Mobily state of the art 3.75G network.

The BlackBerry 9700 sells for SR2,599 at all Mobily outlets, bundled with a monthly BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) allocation of 2 gigabytes for SR99 a month for e-mail and Internet usage, the highest monthly BlackBerry data allocation in the Kingdom. If customers manage to use more than the two-gigabyte allocation, they pay two halala per kilobyte. Customers can subscribe to BlackBerry Internet Service either by sending an SMS text message with “BIS” in the body of the message to 1100 or at an outlet where they purchase the device. ( Arabnews )

I have been thinking of buying one, but I think I have to wait for next year so that I could replace my Nokia E71 , I like push e-mail system, although I have heard there are some problems for prepaid subscribers in connection. But I still have to confirm this after owning the unit next year 🙂 ,

Source : Bold Specs and Pictures

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  1. 1

    can we use blackbery messenger through wifi without payng to server lie mobily ot stc
    if we buy unlocked
    and how iz blackberry 9300 curve 3g in saudi arabia iz it good

  2. 2

    can we use blackberry messenger through wifi without paying to the server like mobile zain or stc
    if we buy unlock bcz it cost too much we have to pay 50 sr per month so please rely can we use it
    and how is blackberry 9300 curve 3g iz it good

  3. 17

    Especially since Tazzle came out, I am really leaning towards Blackberry over the iPhone. The touch panel thing just doesn’t work for me, causing more annoyance than I need in my life.

    That said, I will ultimately choose whichever travels better between Asia and the US. I think Blackberry still needs some work in that department.

  4. 19
    Sexy Street Cars

    A friend of mine had insurance on his iPhone and the price of the insurance and then price of the excess was the same price to buy a new phone yet they wanted to see if they could repair it. Obviously he bought a different phone and I can tell you it wasn’t a blackberry

  5. 23

    To be honest, I am not a fan of BlackBerry, Gphone is always my favoriate, but it is nice to know BlackBerry is becoming more and more popular, competition makes the world better.

  6. 26

    Nothing extraordinary for blackberry. To be honest both blackberry and ipod are not my favorite phones since they are so restricted on programming. But good news for the market anyway…

    • 30

      @Francis, both have their perks, I personally find a Blackberry suits me more but it depends on many factors. You should just try looking at a model of each phone and comparing.

  7. 34
    Surrey DJ

    I thought that this phone was already available in saudi arabia? Its just like the story of sales for the iphone in china, they had some trouble a few weeks back.

  8. 37

    I too own a Nokia e71 and when my current contract ends in about 8 months time I probably will bend towards a Blackberry as my next phone.

  9. 41
    Blogs that I blogged

    Any review?
    How about the White BlackBerry Bold Limited Edition?

    I’m also planning to get a BlackBerry next year, but had a second thought, maybe Apple will also release a new iPhone. 😛

    Merry Xmas and a Prosperous New Year to you and your loved ones! 🙂

  10. 43
    Tweets that mention BlackBerry Bold 9700 in Saudi Arabia | Specification | Cost Price | Tech At Hand Dot Net | Philippines, Technology, SEO and Blogging --

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Dexter Panganiban, Dexter Panganiban. Dexter Panganiban said: [ ] Mobily Brings BlackBerry Bold 9700 in Saudi Arabia […]

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