eGate Card implemented in Saudi Arabia

Now a good news for Saudi Arabia, frequent traveller. I have received an e-mail today saying that the eGate Card is now been implemented in Saudi Arabia , the eGate Card system is being implemented in some other GCC country like Dubai since last year and I need to verify if it is really being implemented in Saudi Arabia. Just for our reader information , here are some details about the eGate card.

What is an eGate card?

eGate Card is an electronic card that can be used to enter and exit the Kingdom very easily and in no time using the latest technology and registration of biometric features.

eGate has recently been applied at airports in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,

eGate card advantages

If Time = Money, then Saving Time = Saving Money

· No need to stand in line to stamp your Passport by the Passport Control Employee

· No need to have your ID checked by the Passport Control Employee

· Speedy procedure for entering or exiting the country

· Safety

· Speed

· Simplicity

How much does eGate cost me?

Subscription Type

New ( SAR 300 for  1 Year ,  SAR 550 for 2 Years )

Renew ( SAR 270 for 1 Year , 2 Years for SAR 540 )

Where can I get the eGate card?

Currently the card is available Gate#2 at King Khaled International Airport in Riyadh.

How can I get it?

1. Simply go to the Registration Center at the King Khaled Airport.

2. Passport employee will check your ID and will enter your biometric features (fingerprint and eye print) to the system.

3. The eGate Card will be issued to you along with your picture.

This new system if implemented in Saudi Arabia will help lots of frequent travel in the Kingdom, Las time when I visit Dubai it took me an hour falling  in line in Immigration due to numerous people being serve at that time. It will be more advanced if they linked the eGate card to our Iqama ( Saudi National ID ) and use the iqama as the eGate Card, since our iqama is now machine readable.

This is really a nice technological advancement in Saudi Arabia. Will it be possible to be implemented in Philippine as well ?

Dexter Panganiban

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    Paul Benn

    I have just been to King Khaled International Airport in Riyadh, and the guys there are saying that the Ereg is for SAUDI Nationals only and NOT Non Saudi.
    They informed that this will be available in 3 – 4 months INSHALA

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