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I am now in Bahrain

Feb 6, 2010 by     10 Comments    Posted under: Travel

I will be staying in Bahrain for a business Meeting for 2 days, I will share you some views and pictures later. I am staying at Windsor Hotel and as usual I will be giving out my comments and suggestion about staying in Bahrain and in my Hotel.
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  • thanks for this site… helpful

  • how is the place?

    • @John Brady,
      it is almost like saudi arabia, but it is open. I would prefer dubai than bahrain

  • Great! Sana dito ka naman pumunta sa Kuwait so we can meet.

    • @Erick,
      Sana nga one of this days.. Madali kasing mag meeting sa bahrain or dubai .. kasi free country kaya madalas doon kami nag memeet

  • @sir Dex,
    maraming malamig na beer djan! 😛

    • @metalpig,
      di naman ako umiinom 🙂 nakabalik na ako sa Riyadh

      • heheheh ganun ba sir Dex? cge ako nalang iinom para sa’yo…
        btw, it’s good to hear that you’re back in Saudia safe and sound. 🙂

      • @metalpig,

        Salamat 🙂

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