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Google Penalty Again ?

Jan 24, 2009 by     4 Comments    Posted under: Site Updates

Google Bomb at Obama Optimized Blogs ? I have seen that there is a new Google algorithm change that happen because of search pertaining to “ Failure “ and “Miserable” which where triggered by Danny Sullivan comment regarding the search results. Google acts immediately and implement the Algortihm changes that they made 2 years ago. But the sad part is I think that my blog is one of those being penalized since my post regarding Obama Inauguration ranks good in the search Engine for a chosen keywords.

My First action is to block the said post by my robot.txt so that next time that Google will crawl my blog it will not crawl the said post. I don’t know if this will work. Some of my optimized keywords is not being seen in the post. So I where you try to blog Google BOT on your Optimized blogs post regarding the recent event. I hope this work.

This is just an information and I will tell you any changes that might happen in the future.

Anybody experienced the same thing ?

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  • me din ata nadamay dyan e 🙁 anyway just dropping by to say thanks for the tips, I’ll research more about it 🙂

    • @Jerson,

      Tsskk.. i block the post via robots.txt and I think it seem everything backs to normal.

  • really? my PDQ blog was penalized from 1k i get barely 400 visitors the last 3 weeks.. but i don’t know if my other blogs are affected by this penalty.i did notice sudden drop in SERP for keywords i already conquered.. I will monitor my blogs.. Sana hindi kasali ung iba.. kawawa naman me.huhuhu.. 🙂

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  • Malaki binaba ng traffic ko.. tingnan mo yung http://www.topblogs.com.ph/tech/ nasa pang # 8 na ako 🙁 di pa bumabalik

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