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Facebook Encourages Mobile App Developers in Asia

Nov 29, 2011 by     1 Comment    Posted under: Social Media

Facebook phoneOne of Facebook’s biggest markets is Asia. The leader in social media now calls out for mobile developers in this region to create more apps for Facebook and mobile devices. The company wanted to create good HTML5 apps with the help of Asian developers.

Facebook is continually doing a lot of effort to improve its mobile and web platform that reach out to a lot of social media users, including developers in the continent. Facebook wants to invite Asian developers to be part of their Preferred Developer Consultant or PDC, which is a program that tag developers as the top 100 highly-recommended developers for their contribution to Facebook , the web and mobile computing.

There is an ongoing rumor that HTC will release a Facebook phone called Buffy. Although there may be a possible saturation of smart phone in the market, HTML 5 promises to bring a lot more functionality and flexibility for mobile app developers to create more entertaining and useful application. With this development, this social media giant continues its drive to develop apps and other features for HTML 5 environment. Just last month, Facebook recently opened the HTML 5 Resource Center with plans on avoiding the problem of not running their very own operating system.

According to Alexander Klienberg, Facebook head, he is a seeing a lot of talent and innovation in Asia and they are gearing towards honing a developers community here. In the Philippines, Facebook is incredibly popular and we hope to see more of our local developers contributing to Facebook and mobile app enhancements.

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