Google Launches Its Newest Mobile OS: Android 4.4 Kitkat

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“Have a break. Have Kitkat.”

Google, in its latest version of mobile OS, has definitely surprised and stirred up excitement for Android users. Alongside the launch of Nexus 5, Android 4.4 Kitkat was unwrapped to the tech world with its enhanced features and functionality.  With Kitkat, you will surely experience an ecstatic break.


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Immersive Interface Android 4.4 Kitkat helps you make the most out of your android usage by giving you an immersive feeling in its new and improved visuals.  Now you can maximize your content’s screen through wiping out the notifications bar and navigation buttons.

Easier Contact Access Contact search is made easier with the new OS. Favorite contacts are automatically placed on top of the list. Added to that, Kitkat features new search capabilities as unknown numbers or caller IDs may be potentially recognized.

Stylish Conversation With Kitkat’s ‘Hangouts’, text messages, instant messages, voice calls and video chats are integrated into a single application. Packed with overflowing features, conversations become more fun in Hangouts as you may make use of photos, emoji and videos for better self- expression. More than that, face-to-face-to-face group interaction is also catered by Hangouts which paves way to share fun with a wider circle of friends.

Online Entertainment Having fun is made easier and more accessible  in the new OS. With Chromecast, Kitkat allows you to stream directly to your handset online music, videos, movies, TV shows, and more from Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Google Play Movies and Music, and Chrome.

Print Capability Printing is made possible with Kitkat. Now, you may be able to print photos, documents, and web pages from your handset by simply connecting it to Google Cloud Print or HP ePrint printers.

Voice Recognition Parallel to the Google glass, Kitkat also has the advanced feature of voice recognition. In a hands free scheme, it is able to decipher natural voice commands. By simply saying, “Ok google,” you can already control the functioning of your device as you may send messages, take pictures, record videos, perform searches and instruct according to your interests.

Boosted Memory Without forgoing performance, Google has enabled Kitkat to run on handsets with as low as 512 MB of RAM. With this new mobile OS, key components of the handsets are restructured for less memory use, alongside the creation of API and tools that generate memory-efficient applications. By this, Google aims Kitkat to expand across all smartphones and bring this new amazing OS to a more extensive range of users.

Longer-lasting Battery Usage To reduce battery drainage which is a common problem of Android users, Google has come up with ‘harware sensor batching’ that supports low powered sensors. In here, central processor doesn’t require high power state all throughout to manage data from the phone’s sensors. Instead, sensory inputs will be lined up to be processed in batches, leading to increased battery life.

With all the upgrades of the new Android 4.4 Kitkat, it would certainly be another reason for Google to be applauded in the industry. Designed to be a treat for everybody, Kitkat will surely give you a taste of grandeur in your Android experience.

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