Samsung Smart TV advance Launch with Bloggers

I was not able to attend the Samsung Smart TV event, but thanks to the organizer for inviting me. Just like to inform our readers that Samsung Smart TV will be officially launch on April 12, 2011 in Philippines. Here are some pictures sent to us.

Samsung Smart TV advance Launch with Bloggers

Samsung Smart TV advance Launch with Bloggers

Samsung Smart TV advance Launch with Bloggers

Samsung Smart TV advance Launch with Bloggers

Here are the things you can do this Samsung SMART TV according to their Press Release :

1. Your Samsung Smart TV can connect you to pretty much everything the world wide web world has to offer — and more.

Whether it be searching for information online, writing in your blog, expanding your social network in Facebook or Twitter, chatting up with family in Skype, getting updates on the latest news and trends all over the globe, or playing your favorite games, your Samsung Smart TV lets you enjoy all of these while simultaneously tuned in to your favorite TV channel, in one big 3D screen.

2. Your Samsung Smart TV provides you with a wide availability of applications, with a dedicated “TV App Store”.

The Samsung TV App Store is the first in any television innovation. It is a store that programs useful TV applications that meet and cater to the numerous demands of our TV viewers.

3. Your Samsung Smart TV is designed to make an immersive TV

experience easy and enjoyable for you.

The Samsung Smart TV is a state of the art technology born out of modernity as seen in its sleek, ultra-slim design, making it a thing of beauty to marvel about. But more than its aesthetic value, you can also get to experience all of its features through a wide and crisp display of a Samsung 3D-compatible screen with the first-ever 3D sound system. Moreover, it also offers the convenience of a touch-screen remote control, that makes everything much easier and more enjoyable.

4. Your Samsung TV has an all-share feature that lets you synchronize content from other gadgets.

The Samsung Smart TV’s “All-Share Feature” uses wireless technology to let you synchronize content from other gadgets and devices such as your laptops and mobile phones, so you can store files, listen to music, view pictures, or watch your own videos.

5. Your Samsung Smart TV is a TV with an advocacy.

Committed to provide greener way of living through its innovative technology, Samsung designed this TV as energy efficient by introducing LED TV, LCD TV and PDP TV. With a Samsung Smart TV, we equate watching TV with saving the environment.

I will have a follow up post about this soon.

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