Sharp Unveils its See-Through Solar Panels

Sharp unveiled today its newest product, the see-through solar panel. It is ideal for use as railings for balconies as well as windows for the growing number of skyscrapers in all cities of the world. The panels are ideal for these uses as they provide a solution to energy generation and lighting while at the same time serving a practical purpose of being utilized as an uncommon alternative to architectural glass. The solar panels serve as building materials as well as power generation tools.


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The black solar panels are semi-transparent, thus filtering heat to allow for moderate lighting inside any room. They are an uncommon alternative to common glass but consist mostly of laminated glass infused with photovoltaic cells that allows for the generation of energy. The panels are easy to use and its sleek elegance makes it easily adaptable to any architectural design. The solar panels can be integrated with other building materials so that power generation can be optimized. They are an architectural alternative to common glass while at the same time providing an uncommon solution to power generation and light. Because they come in block, they also have the ability to block heat.

Sharp has announced its release on October 1. It can convert energy with a maximum output of 95 watts. The panels are sized at 4.5 feet by 3.2 feet. It is also very thin at 0.37 inches. The company did not announce its plans to release the panels in the US, nor did it reveal pricing for the solar panels.

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