How Important is Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools Do you know what is happening at your Blog, Do you now your statistics? Is there any areas which the bot’s cannot penetrate, Do Google look your site the way you want them?

If you don’t know the answer you better continue to read this post because this will teach on how to Check your Google Stats.

Well basically what I am going to blog today is about Google Webmaster Tools. Google Webmaster Tools aims to gives information about

  • Overview
  • Diagnostics
  • Statistics
  • Links
  • Sitemaps
  • Tools

You just have to Register at their site and put the authorization code that they will give. if you will be having some problems just comment and we will try to resolve it here.

Getting Google’s view of your site, and diagnosing potential problems
The first step to increasing your site’s visibility on Google is learning how our robots crawl and index your site.

  • Crawl info: You can make sure that Google have access your site, and see when Googlebot last visited. You can also view URLs that we’ve had trouble crawling and why we couldn’t crawl them. This way, you can fix any problems preventing us from indexing all of your pages.
  • Robots.txt file validation: See if we’re having trouble with your file, and test out changes to that file before you change it on your server. You can input your robots.txt and it will give you reply if it is ok or not.
  • Website content: View top content from your site and see the words that other sites use to link to your site.

Seeing how your site performs
A second step is learning what drives traffic to your site.

  • Top queries: Find the top queries that drive traffic to your site and where your site is included in the top search results. This will let you learn how users are finding your site. ( With this report you could always use a redirect method in order to have a continues crawl at your site. You have to remember that crawler stops if it encounter Error 404. And therefore it is not healthy for your blog. )
  • Indexing information: See how your site is indexed and which of your pages are included in the index. If we find violations in your site, we’ll give you the opportunity to fix the problems and request re-inclusion of your site.

One of the useful tool of Google Webmaster Tools is telling you the numbers of site being indexed by Google vs the number of links that your sitemap is reporting. So this can give you an idea on how you can improve your site navigation.

Normally a crawler will stop as long as there are any broken links that is it being encountered. So why would you let the crawl stop ? You have to redirect it.

Knowing how your site perform behind the scene will help you focus in areas where you need to increase your SEO Experiment. I hope that this SEO tip will be of help to you.

I might have another post regarding this tools my experience and tips. I can only blog for my experience and not how the system work like what Matt Cutts is doing. But I do believe that it can help for future SEO player. I am not an expert but I am willing to do experiments and share result. and By the way I am also earning from those experiment.

Dexter Panganiban

Dexter is a person who loves technology,new gadget, SEO, Social Media and Christianity. Follow him at twitter via @techathand and add him @ Google+ and contact us at [email protected]

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  3. 9

    hi dexter!

    THanks din sa post.. made me check webmaster tool again.. saw this error nga pala, may be you could help me.

    Unsupported file format
    Your Sitemap does not appear to be in a supported format. Please ensure it meets our Sitemap guidelines and resubmit.

    I have a plugin that creates the sitemap…

    not sure what Google is talking about here.. unsupported format daw? hmm.. thought?

    Eli’s last blog post..Pinoy Money Talk SEO Contest: I Give Up!

  4. 10

    @ Rakshit

    If you want to be on Top of Google SERP you should be able to learn on how the Google see your site. Glad it help you..

    Happy Blogging

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