iOS6 Users Grappling with Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues

The release of the iPhone 5 has exacerbated the issue that Apple users have been experiencing with Wi-Fi connectivity. People using iPhone4S had problems with Wi-Fi connectivity since the phone’s release last year. Users have resorted to various fixes but Apple was unable to offer a real solution to the problem.

viewerWith the new iOS6, the problem has only worsened. According to different reports 60 percent of iPhone users and 40 percent of iPad users have upgraded to the new OS so far. Most of the users complain that they have the Wi-Fi option grayed out on their devices, thus they are unable to access the feature at all. They have tried various fixes such as re-installing the new OS, resetting their devices, or even getting a replacement unit from Apple but the problem still persists. And if the forums are to be our basis, it seems that the issue is not isolated to iPhone 5 users and there are a great number of iPhone 4S users on the forum suffering from the same issue.

Shortly after the iPhone 5’s release, some people were already complaining about problems with Wi-Fi connectivity, specifically with having the feature grayed out on their devices. The problem was traced to an Apple Web Page that the iOS checks out to make sure that the Wi-Fi does not require a login. Apparently, that Web Page was down. The page was soon brought back up, presumably by Apple, thereby restoring Wi-Fi connectivity to the users.

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