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How to know if your Yahoo chat mate is really offline

Sep 11, 2007 by     6 Comments    Posted under: Tips and Tricks

Did you know that you can see if your chatmate is really offline or not. Thanks to Web Stuff Scan for providing some tips to know about it

1. But there is a hack which allows you to see whether someone is really offline or not. The easiest way is to directly acess the online status image using the URL – http://opi.yahoo.com/online?u=userid&m=g&t=2 (replace userid with the actual user id).

2. The second way is to start a voice chat with the userid you want to check. If you don’t get an error it indicates that the user is indeed online, but in invisible mode. This works only in previous versions of Yahoo messenger.

3. The only method which seems to work on latest versions of Yahoo messenger is the IMEnviornment hack. First send a message to the user id and then immediately change the IMEnviorment. Now if the guy is really offline, you will get a message “waiting for your friend to load the theme” message. If he is online, you will just get a blank page!

Do you know of any other hacks for this subject?

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  • ha! i am looking friends

    • @arissa,
      You can have lots of friends here 🙂

    • hi,Im quite new.looking for some new friends.how r u?

  • May hack pala for that…mahilig pa naman ako mag-invisible….

  • Sir, try this site: http://www.xeeber.com. Some say it is not accurate, but I find it very useful. Tama naman siya most of the time. Yun nga lang, paminsam marami nagamit.

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