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Google Custom Search Engine

Sep 10, 2007 by     9 Comments    Posted under: Adsense, Gooogle

Thanks to derixc I just found out some new Tips how I can earn more from the search that is being made through my Website. I just implemented the Google Coop – Google Custom Search Engine at this site.

What are the advantage compare to the search that could be found at Adsense site?

    1. You can really control from what site will the result come from
    2. Adsense could be incorporated into the custom search
    3. the design is nice and neat , I like the water mark feature.
    4. I believe it will show more relevant ads ( needs to be proven )
    5. I have more control on the options that could be found at the site.
    6. I will have a Search Engine Site that could also be listed in the directory of Google Coop
    7. Google Coop has its own control panel wherein you can control everything about your new search engine site.
    8. I can put my logo at the search result giving more emphasis that this is my personalize search engine.
    9. It will give a better result to your visitors , since the result will come from different site that you choose which you believe that will be relevant to your site
    10. The search can also more define by having separate labels

So what are you waiting for. Try it out and share your experience with us here at Technology at Hand.

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  • hey..help me please for whatever…thanks

    mark wendells last blog post..No Title

    • @mark wendell,

      Just let me know 🙂

      • @Dexter | Tech At Hand Dot Net,

        hoe can i manage more my blogs, or adding adds on my account.

        mark wendells last blog post..No Title

      • @mark wendell,
        Let me know your blog and I might be able to help you

  • Hi I would like to mention another search engine for dot net developers which cover all good sites for dot net and related technologies as of August, 2008.


    This developers search engine is inspired by searchdotnet.com and I try my best achieve even batter results. Both these developers search engines would greatly help the developer’s community.

    DO test it yourself and let me know your comments.

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  • I will let you know perhaps after 1 week or 2 about the result.

  • Thanks dexter for the link back. Let’s trade info soon on how much you will be getting from this. 🙂

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