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A Filipino Blogger who earns Php 204,311 last September 2007

Jan 16, 2008 by     33 Comments    Posted under: Adsense, Money Matters, Philippines

This cheque shown in Cheques Gallery caught my attention since I know that the site is a Filipino owned.

The site deals with anything about banking, trading, investing, and making money online and offline.. I am even using their service before in receiving PayPal Payments. And I must say that it is good to deal with him.

Below is a Picture submitted by Pinoymoneytalk.com to Cheques-gallery.


I am so happy to see that this has earned about PHP 204,311.30 ( Approximately 4,864 using 42 Exchange Rate) in Adsense. ( I only got 1/4 of it in Total 🙂 )

This is another inspiration for Filipino Blogger. If James Ryan Jonas, commonly known online as FutureGizmo, can do it we can do it.Just for info according to his about page he start being online from 2004.

This is only one of his cheques. It would be great if we can here something from him.

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  • super inspiration hehe
    .-= PinoyDeal´s last blog ..Franchise Conference and Expo 2009 =-.

    • @PinoyDeal,

      OO nga .. at saka yang writer ng Pinoy MOney Talk.. mabait yan 🙂

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  • Hi! Wow. Actually the owner of PMT was my professor in UP Diliman. I never thought he earns that much. He looks so humble. Anyway, for some time now, I have been very interested on setting up my own website. I even have an idea on what kind of website it will be, but the thing is I don’t know anything about creating a website. Can you guys help me? I need a clue on where to start and then maybe I could get things going from there on my own. But as of I now, I really don’t have a clue. Help me!

    • @pogsako,
      Glad to know that you know James personally, I only chat and contact him thru E-mail and blog message.

      As far as I know He is doing great at his blog passive income. You should ask him some tips

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  • @ Marlon

    Tuloy tuloy lang

    Dexters last blog post..Happy Mother’s Day

  • Ayos Dex, tuloy tuloy lang tayo 🙂 Kaya yan! Mahalin ang Pilipinas, tapos Wow Pilipinas!

    Marlons last blog post..Endless Faith

  • @ marlon

    this is one of the topic in iblog4.. visit mo rin filipinovoices.com maguumpisa na rin sila para sa election my site for election will also tackles election. http://halalan-2007.blogspot.com or http://www.newsinphilippines.com

    Dexter’s last blog post..RSS Awareness Day

  • Sobrang astig nito. May blog din ako tungkol sa mga Pinoy at sa ating bansa. This time, nagfo-focus ako sa next election natin. Para tumulong sa campaign na magrehistro ang mga hindi pa lalo na ang mga youth!! I do not expect to gain big hits sa adsense pero ok na din atleast alam mo kung may tumatangkilik 🙂

    Bisitahin ninyo: http://alonph.blogspot.com

    Congrats James!


  • Your welcome iceTECH

  • cool, thank you Dex…

  • @ iceTECH

    Well i Don’t know ,, I just know that he own PMT.. You can check it with James [ http://www.pinoymoneytalk.com/ ]

  • is he the owner of sulit.com.ph?

  • @ cyberpunk

    Not unlike 1 year ago that you just have to enroll, and you will finally have your account. They are strict because lots of person is already testifying that they are really paying

  • Argh kainggit naman yan!

    I still don’t have an Adsense account. Too bad Google seems to be strict nowadays…

  • ewan ko ba.. just lately.. Google has issued a notice on earnings from referrals.. daming nag react.. nway, let’s see anung plans ng Google for the next quarter..

  • […] A Filipino Blogger who earns Php 204,311 last September 2007 » Tech At Hand […]

  • […] A Filipino Blogger who earns Php 204,311 last September 2007 » Tech At Hand […]

  • […] A Filipino Blogger who earns Php 204,311 last September 2007 » Tech At Hand […]

  • @ Rodel

    I did not know na strict na sila sa pag approve ngmga bagong account talagang dumarami n ang gumgamit ng adsense kaya strict na sila.

    Simula yan nung ipagabawal na yung mga MFA SIte

  • pinoybusinessorg pala ibig ko sabihin hihi.. 🙂 sorry bout that..

  • PMT??? dami sponsors hihihh.. t’yak malaki din ang ROI.. :)..

  • it’s possible in fact ive been using various names just to get a new account with them. but the problem is the approval process. they are now get’n a lot stricter as compare before.. they’ve got standards of which most new blogs/sites don’t qualify anymore. I don’t know.. if it’s the traffic, the content or what??..

    anyway, ill keep my fingers crossed nalang to other programs.. 🙂

    good luck !

  • @ Lady,

    One problem that Adsense user are facing is regarding this referral. and it on the internet buzz now adays.

    I think .. Whn more and more Filipino is being engage in Online visibility. There is more chance for us to earn from adsense.

    @ Rodel,

    Is’nt it possible to enroll again and use your mother, Father, sister or whoever name so that you can again particpate in their Program.

    @ James,

    Thanks fro dropping by.. Ooppss I though you submitted it with them. No wonder why they don’t know what is PHP

    @ ElectronicsLabdotPH

    I think I have to be involved in their forum.. I am reallymissing alot.. Thanks for your feed back. So Pinoy money talk is not solely run by James?

  • okey talaga yan PMT.. magaling din kasi mga moderators nila

  • @ Allen

    Siguro kailangan na nating gumawa ng bagong niche about pera..ha ha ha ha..and beat Pinoy Money Talk. How I wish I can attain that same cheque..

    It is more than my monthly salary abroad…

  • Haha ako nga kahit $1 d ko maabot haha 😛

  • Hi Dex, thanks for featuring us. Just to clarify, I did not submit that screenshot to the Cheques Gallery site you mentioned, apparently they lifted the pic from PMT and posted it there.

    Anyway, good luck on your online blogging adventure.I am sure that in due time, you’ll be able to reach your goal of $3.33 Adsense income per day and probably even more!

    Happy blogging!

  • good to hear you guys are still with adsense.. 🙂

    sad for coz they kicked me out already hihi..now im sticking to other paid-to programs..

  • PMT is doing well with adsense. But i think he has many adsense referrals too. We just hope tayo din can make as much or 500 a month lng from adsense..Pinoy Dollar Quest

  • @ sylv3rblade

    Yup it. is.. Now I am aiming for $ 3.33 a day.. para monthly my adsense cheque… I am still @ Ave $ 2 per day ,, That is why every other month and cheque ko..

  • wow! That’s so motivating and got me saying “Ako din!” But I’m aiming for kuya Macuha’s goal for now: $1 a day ^^

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