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AdSense CPC , Too Low ?

Jun 8, 2008 by     14 Comments    Posted under: Adsense

Just wondering upon checking my AdSense Reports today. It is too Low. The CTR [ Click Through Rate ] did not change a lot but my CPC [ Cost Per Click ] really change. Nobody is allowed to say how much but I can say that it really change.

I am just experiencing an all time low of my CPC, which started from yesterday when AdSense had made their scheduled maintenance. Did AdSense change their Algorithm or pricing scheme ? Or I am the only one who is experiencing this. May I know what is yours ? is it High or Low ?

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  • wow, I wish I could say things like this as well. πŸ™‚ Siguro paglaki ko. lol

    Javis last blog post..Why StumbleUpon is Awesome

  • No change with my income too. Actually, I’m surprised because I’m earning more from Adsense now compared to before. Last month was my highest Adsense income in, like, 8 months. Don’t know, though, what’s causing it.

  • akala ko ako lang.. πŸ™‚ kayo rin pala..
    75% ang ibinaba ng adsense ko nung araw na yun.. hay yy.. I’m glad ngayon eh balik na sya sa normal πŸ™‚

    lestats last blog post..Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) Online Service for OFWs

  • To all,

    Thanks fo sharing information, I believe Miss noemi is right.. It is now coming back again.. I wonder how much thousand of dollars was lost tssk tsskk.. hmmm.. [ 7:40 Am – Saudi Time ]

    Dexters last blog post..John Chow Visitors is Deteriorating

  • today, it went back to my average.

    noemis last blog post..Money Management in Our Family

  • I noticed the drop as well. I got more clicks than usual but less earnings. I just hope this will change..

    ladys last blog post..PinoyBux Sent Me My Load!

  • same here. this past 2 weeks. almost 50% ang na drop sa adsense earnings ko, pero same ang ctr at number of clicks. kala ko nga magkakaron na ako ng all time high e.

    derics last blog post..An Incredibly Small Linux PC

  • Hala, bigla akong napa-analyze ng Adsense reports ko.

    Hmmm… I think I also experienced a dip. I didn’t notice it until now because the earnings were at par with my daily average income. It’s just now that I realized that I had a lot of clicks than usual that day so I should have earned more than my daily average. Hohum. πŸ™

  • @ Hussein

    Good for you it seems that youa re not affected πŸ™‚

    Dexters last blog post..John Chow Visitors is Deteriorating

  • my ctr yesterday and today were normal πŸ˜€ and my earnings were also normal πŸ™‚

    Husseins last blog post..Pacquiao vs Diaz: Your Bet

  • @ Allen.Silkenhut

    It only means that despite what Adsense blog says that adsense earning will not be affected still it is .

    I wonder if A Lister blogger such as Darren rowse experience the same problem .. Hmm

    Dexters last blog post..John Chow Visitors is Deteriorating

  • @ Miss noemi

    At least i know that I am not the only one.

    Dexters last blog post..John Chow Visitors is Deteriorating

  • I just earned $1 yesterday! Very ouch. Well, I had less clicks yesterday too.

    Allen.Silkenhuts last blog post..Seaoil Prepaid Card

  • I just experienced my ALL time low adsense income on maintenance day. I am really wondering why.

    noemis last blog post..Launch of Pampanga Governor Eddie T. PanlilioÒ€ℒs (Among Ed) Blog

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