John Chow Visitors is Deteriorating

John Chow should do something now, The site visitors is deteriorating. So what happen to his site with 300,000 Page Views per month ?

Alexa of John Chow

He better make good post or else his thousands of monthly earning will also diminished. Or there is something wrong with his SEO ?

[ Hat Tip from Mani ]

Dexter Panganiban

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  1. 1

    TO all sorry for the late response, I’ve been very busy last week.. 🙂

    @ Jam

    A banned from Google will really give you lots of head ache when it comes to search engine visitors.

    @ Pinoy Nurse Making Money Online

    Nung lang yun.. Pero i believe his visitors is now keep coming back. Maybe it has to do with his vation

    @ snoob

    True black hatters knows how to hide himself

    @ icy

    Searching something which is irrelevant will really give lots of frustration with the searchers.

    @ Allen.Silkenhut

    Hmm I have not think about it. I should have not give hmm a link love 🙂

    @ Juler

    It might be a possibility

    Dexters last blog post..Your Blog Post as an Investment

  2. 2

    Maybe John terminated his adwords campaign last few months, regularly i’ve seen his advertisement to google ads but not lately. Maybe that the reason for the drop of his traffic.

    Is been a long time since i visited your blog kuya Dexter… Good day to you.

    Julers last blog post..Bloggerwave’s potentials

  3. 4

    For me, what Google did was good for the users. Searching something and an irrelevant web site shows up upsets the users. For me, playing against the rules or blackhatter only benefits you for a short period of time.

  4. 9

    Yep. Review where he gets all his links. Do a back check on his site. You’ll see the links are fishy. About the abuse of the keyword, its true, its called keyword bombing in blackhat term. One reason he got slapped.

    snoobs last blog post..No Money On That Keyword

  5. 10

    @ snoob

    But what about if he redirects it to his new blog. The one with problem with Google is JohnChow. I don’t know if the penalty will still be the same.

    Black hat.. Hmm.. I did not know that he uses black hat.. But what I know is He abuse the keyword make money online and connect it to

    There is one thing the Big G wants to emphasizes here.. If somebody wants to practice SEO be sure that the page is worth for that Keyword or else.. suffer te same consequence.

    Dexters last blog post..John Chow Visitors is Deteriorating

  6. 11

    Dex, if he changed his domain, it will be a new site that have to start again. John chow did blackhat, paid reviews, bought links and google slapped him dead.

    My opinion, theres nothing he can do. He even said once that he’ll make another blog just like his original and said that it will make money just like the original, but till now, no words about that site and no news about if its earning or is it a success or fail.

    snoobs last blog post..No Money On That Keyword

  7. 13

    There are now more blogs better than johnchow maybe that’s another reason. johnchow posts is sometimes hard to understand unlike others that is straight to the point. 😀 honestly, johncow is now better than johnchow. 😀

    Husseins last blog post..Pacquiao vs Diaz: Your Bet

  8. 14

    @ Mani Karthik ,

    It will again proove how google really affects ones visitors, Although there is Yahoo but still google is the king for search engine Visitors.

    What if he change his Domain will it still be banned ?

    For whatever tactics he will do, He needs to do it as soon as possible

    BTW nice find Mani. I found thru my reader

    Dexters last blog post..John Chow Visitors is Deteriorating

  9. 15
    Mani Karthik

    He’s got to do something radical and out of the worl d to get back. When google banned him, Chow thought he could survive with the momentum he already had. But less did he know that it’s temporary.
    To top up things, all those viral stuff he planned have failed tool .. Remember the “shit” video?

    Mani Karthiks last blog post..The death of John Chow

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