Disabled Adsense at a Particular Site

The subject will tell you about my recent observation , I actually noticed it thru the reports that Google Adsense is sending me everyday, I got a sudden drop of Pageviews according to Google AdSense Report in 1 of my blogs. But when I compare it with Google Analytics it shows that my actual Pageviews is far from what Google Adsense is reporting. I know there is a problem but I thought it is just a problem which will be normalized later on. But it is already 1 week since it happen and I believe Google has no intention of returning it back.

I just want to know if somebody had experienced this one lately, where your AdSense has been disabled on some of your site or even at your main site ? I cannot see Google AdSense Ads in one of my site. Are they disabling it because it looks like spam? ,

Actually that site is my secondary site where I redirect some of my visitors to get their required information. I might say that I am guilty of having an MFA Site ( Made for AdSense ) but the difference of my site to other site is the visitors gets what they want, not unlike other MFA Site, They are just full of Ads and there is no information at all. But mine do have lots of information.

That site also get its Page Views and Unique Visits thru referrals. I don’t know if it is one of the reason why they disable the Google adSense on that site.

That site is also banned from SERP so I don’t know if there is a connection between being banned with Google SERP and being banned from Google Adsense. There might be.

Anyway If AdSense disable their code at that particular blog I will now try to put Adbrite and infolinks in order for me to gain some Passive Income in that site. I can also replace the Ads location with chitika. I must agree that Google Adsense gives good income but they hate you, It is hard to resolve the issue.

So be very careful if you have your site look like Made for AdSense or MFA Site. It is not bad to optimized your Adsense placement but be sure you have good content that will let your visitors come back. I know some site with lots of Ads but are delivering great content. So it is a matter of information that you provide to your reader.

Do I have to contact them ? Hmm I will not bother. I still have other site earning good from Google AdSense. If I contact them and tell that I am sorry for what I have done and blah blah blah they might suspect that all of my site is doing the same, so I might be in trouble. So better not to contact them.

BTW thanks to Stephen for confirming the issue, he noticed that one of my site is not showing AdSense Ads.

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  1. 2

    Ako whole account talga na disable. Doon sa computer shop na pinupuntahan. I don’t know kung dahil ito sa auto click program na meron sila sa shop. They use it for gaming purposes. Or I left my site open and vulnerable. Kasi naabutan ako ng time out. Well ganoon ata talaga.

  2. 3

    Actually titry ko na to, nireport ko ung isa sa mga site ng kalaban ko, after 3 days ayun kita ko wala na cya adsense. I’m sure disable un…hehehe

    kaya dapat ingat na lng tau sa mga post ntin especially sa mga main site ntin, wag ntin bbigyan ng pagkakataon madisable adsense ntin if ever kaylangan talaga reg na lng ng bagong adsense para cgurado…

  3. 5

    sa palagay ko hindi ito sa google lng… sa dami ba nmang site pano nila mattrace un isa isa na may violation nga..

    pareha nung skin ung isang site ko nadisabled pro ung isa ndi, eh same niche lng cla eh mas garapal pa ung ung isa sa spam kung iisipin..

    duda ako mga kagaya din lng ntin na blogger ang gumagawa nito.. bkit?

    2lad nung sample ko sa itaas nadisable ung isa dhil nireport un at ung isa nman ndi kaya ndi cya nadisabled…

    bkit ko nman nasabi na kagaya din lng ntin na blogger yun?

    kung titingnan ung ads sa mga blog ntin wala dun nakalagay na “report this blog” kundi mron ka pa icliclick dun para mapasok sa report form…at di pa mismo report form makikita dun..ibig sbihin ang mga ordinary searcher ndi ito alam so mga kagaya din lng ntin to na blogger..


    • 6
      Dexter Panganiban

      May punto but, with reference to my research to this matter, Google has a certain group and algorithm that could really detect those things.. Si guro specially if we rely of Google analytics or Google webmasters kasi thru those crawlers they will be able to see everything about your site

    • 7

      @eugines, I agree may nag rereport na kapwa pinoy na inggit. 😀 May isang site ako na ni rereport paulit ulit, malakas kasi kumita yun. Inisa isa ang post tapos ni report isa isa.. hanggang sa wala na syang ma report kasi delete na lahat ng posts eh. hehe… kaya hindi parin na ban. Laging may 3 days na palugit ang Google bago nila e ban, so useless lang yung mga rereport na inggitero. O__o

  4. 8

    Sir Dex, naexperience ko na yan sa isa kong site.
    Pareho tayo ng niche and i can say na we did something wrong on our part, and that’s violating part of the TOS.

    Ang ginawa ko, imbes na blog, static page for links na lang yung site, and I contacted Google that I’ve made a mistake on my part (you should also have an email about it Sir Dex) and changed the content of the site.

    PS: you can check out the site in question via the link on this comment ^_^

      • 10

        @Dexter Panganiban,
        halos walang kita pero at least nakakatulong sa SERP 🙂 Dun sa sulat, sure pero mukhang alam ko na yung laman nun. Nakaisa na ako eh 🙂

        I think ok lang sa big G na isang post/page lang yung may ganung content. Basta wag lang buong site.

        sylv3rblades last blog post..Patapon 2 will be UMD-free

      • 12

        ah lol hina ko ngayon… teka send ko lang

        sylv3rblades last blog post..Patapon 2 will be UMD-free

      • 13
        Dexter Panganiban

        Just an update . I saw the letter and I found out that they have also email me last april 3 pa.. 🙂

        I responded to their email and remove all download links in all the site.

        This might help.

  5. 14
    Donald Serrano

    ganyan din nagyari sa blog ko. nawawala ang mga google ads at minsan nagiging public ads. nacontact ko ang google pero lahat ng information na binigay nila para masolve ang prob eh hindi nakatulong. di ko nalang nireplyan,,, tamad pa kasi ako. hehe.

  6. 19

    anong site yun, bulong mo naman? may nakita din akong blogger na ganyan din ang case, nadisable din un ads niya s site pero d un mismong acount niya s adsense. natry mo na ba magemail s kanila? un MFA sites ko inalis ko n adsense dun maliban s 1 768×15 link ads at google search tapos infolinks at kontera na. non holyweek naman bumababa kita ko ng kalahati. 5 araw na ganon. same pageviews at clicks pero mababa kita. ngayon nagboom nmn. pagkakaalam ko jan e yun nakalagay n ads by google e ginagamit pra ireport k ng readers or mga haters. nagamit k ga ng allowed sites option?

    itots last blog post..10 10 10 By Suzy Welch

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