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Techathand Dot Net is back to PR4

Apr 13, 2009 by     17 Comments    Posted under: Site Updates


I am happy to report that my PR has been updated, it’s been a long time that my site has been penalized for PR, as well for some keywords like “ Free PSP Games Download “ and “ Free PSP Games “ which were ranking well in SERP for some time before it was penalized.

But now I am happy to report that I got back my PR4, and for sure I will not again violate Google so that I can enjoy a higher PR later on. I may not get back the SERP position for those mentioned keywords but at least I got my PR back.

I am not a PR fanatics but I am just happy to report what happen. I have heard a PR updates last week but this site was not included. Glad to see this morning that I got my PR4 Back. It was last year when my PR suddenly go down because of selling links and great that I block those links using robots.txt. Because I promised myself not to sell peyd links on this blog again.

After that I made an appeal to Google thru Google Webmaster and after few months now my PR came Back.

Some says that PR has nothing to do with SERP but I say, It is affecting SERP if your PR is more than 4 . If your PR is from 1 to 3 I think based on experience it will not make a difference not unless Google changes it’s algorithm.

But anyway this site is still ranking in some keywords even while having a low PR. So it is only Google can tell the real meaning of the Page Rank or Trust Rank.

So any experience about PR Changes lately and did you feel any changes in Traffic ? I just hope that my Traffic from the above mentioned Keywords will come back because it will surely bring in some passive income.

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  • I never ever post but this time I will,Thanks alot for the great blog 🙂

  • I noticed that Google update my site webartsense.com got pr4.

    Web Design Companys last blog post..Web Design Company, Web Design Services

  • Congrats! PR 4 na ulit. Yung sa akin PR 2 pa din hanggang ngayon.

    Jhelo Cruzs last blog post..Goodbye, My Beloved Dream Phone

  • Sweet; congratz on the update. My site has just started off and hopefully I will get some PR soon as well!

  • Hi Dexter! Nice to know you got back to PR4. I checked mine first week of April and got PR3 for my 45 day old blog.

    • @Rob Angeles,

      Great that you have PR3, thanks for the greetings. sometime we cannot understand Google algorithm. I am just happy that Google is at my side this days 🙂

  • Dex, how come Google is penalizing for high-ranking keywords?

    I’m barely updating my blog but keywords for summer getaways are quite the thing these days. It’s all about summer :p I should really get back to blogging actively.

    Makis last blog post..A Failed attempt to reach Avilon Zoo

    • @Maki,

      Yup it is a possibility of penalizing the high ranking keywords maybe I made a mistake of having too much incoming links to that page. And Google thinks that i am cheating the system

      Dexters last blog post..Techathand Dot Net is back to PR4

  • congratz kuya, hehe, akin lhat ng pr0 new blogs q naging pr2, hehe, sana xa susunod pr10 na, haha joke lng

    Make Money From Homes last blog post..Smart Way To Make Money With Your Best Home Based Business Idea.

    • @Make Money From Home,

      Kaya yan Jr he he he.. patayo ka sarili Google .. he he joke

  • Hi Kuya Dex,

    Wow! Congratulations for your PR4…Can you share to me some ideas on how did you get that?

    Currently, my site http://www.whatsthelatest.net is in PR2.

    Any advice?

    • @zplits | what’s the latest tech?,

      I believe it is all about content and links

      • @Dexter Panganiban,

        Okay Sir, I’ll add more content and links then, thanks a lot for your advice.

      • @@zplits | what’s the latest tech?,
        Your welcome , we blogger exist to help each other. Mabuhay ang Mga Pinoy Bloggers

        Dexters last blog post..Disabled Adsense at a Particular Site

      • True, it’s always a good mix of the content and backlinks… there are a lot of bloggers who write useful content, but don’t bother to work on the technicalities – how to make their blog work with search engines (like me).

        I wish I get to see the day I see a PR4 on one of my blogs. 🙂 I had that accidentally in my deleted blog.

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