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Google Adsense Changes it’s TOS

Nov 25, 2009 by     5 Comments    Posted under: Adsense

When I enter Google Adsense site today I have been asked to accept the recent Google Adsense change in it’s TOS. I hope that the Google Adsense TOS Changes will benefit the publisher like me. I will update this post as soon as I evaluate and researched about the latest Google Adsense TOS ( Term of Service ) changes.

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  • @Dexter,

    Oh I see….Maybe you are right because you are in saudi arabia. BTW, regarding your location, I also have this nagging question in my mind just in case I also work abroad and my address is in the Philippines. Did you apply for another adsense account or just ask Google to change the country in your account?

    • @Lito,

      I have not tried it. because I have enrolled my adsense here in saudi arabia . I think it is possible or else you have to create a new account.

      The only problem is you will loose some unclaimed earnings on the way..

      • @Dexter Panganiban,

        OK thanks for your prompt response.

  • That’s weird. I haven’t read anything about the new Adsense TOS this November 2009. I also checked the Adsense TOS latest revision which is 2008-2-25 and the Adsense program policies latest revision was dated April 2008.

    • @Lito,
      I also wonder what happen on that time. I think it is mainly because of my location which is saudi Arabia, I reme,ber them saying that the earning should all be based in US Dollar

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