iPad 2 Application Review : Blogsy

I am now  testing on how  to use the blogsy, an ipad 2 application. I am still new with this application and there might be some problem uploading this first ever post made through the blogsy.

In my initial use of this application, I could say that it is easy to use. Pictures can be inserted through drag and drop. An application which i am looking is grammar checker. The wrong spelling checker works fine.It would be best if they can incorporate the mentioned feature in their future updates. The application can easily be interconnected with flickr, picassa, you tube, google search and photos from your ipad 2. I believe that this application is a must to have for bloggers who owns iPad 2.

Blogger can easily highlight the keyword and make it bold or italicized. It has also a change font feature. This application is almost the same as live writer for windows pc but there is no word count function. The above photo was taken by iPad 2 and uploaded to Tech At Hand server before using in this blog post.  Making link is also easy. This application is a perfect companion for bloggers. The application cost $4.99 which is worth for it’s function.

So if you can see this post, it only means that i have successfully use Blogsy.

[schema type=”review” url=”https://www.techathand.net/apple/ipad-2-application-review-blogsy/6721/” name=”Blogsy iPad Blogging App ” description=”Blogsy is an iPad Blogging App that can be used in different platform” rev_name=”Blogsy ” rev_body=”Blogsy is a great tool for bloggers who uses iPad.” author=”Dexter Panganiban” pubdate=”2011-12-01″ user_review=”8″ min_review=”1″ max_review=”10″ ]

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