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iPhone 4.0 Software Will Be Introduce Today ( Updated )

Apr 8, 2010 by     1 Comment    Posted under: Apple

Great That iPhone will also be like a small e-book reader

Great Multi Tasking

Over 50 million iPhones sold so far and about 35 million iPod Touches. Developer preview of iPhone OS 4 today. Ships in Summer.

There are 100 new users feature .. great

Updates :

Live Web/Twitter Coverage
Ars Technica
MacRumors Twitter updates

Updates on Keynotes :

Keynote begins. Steve Jobs on stage. First day sold 300,000 iPads. As of today, we’ve sold about 450,000.

The iPhone 4.0 Software will be introduced in just 1.5 hours, there are lots of speculation about the new software. There is no question about the speed of this phone. Here are some of the speculation in which we can confirm after about 2 hours. knowyourmobile.com cited some of the possible changes and updates.

Multitasking has been absent from the iPhone platform from the beginning.

Flash support has long been a sticking point for many Apple users – they thirst for it, they cry for it, they whine for it.

Folders & Data Management
File management, particularly app management, is becoming more and more of an issue for iPhone users who are continually stuffing their handsets with more and more of iTunes’ bounty of apps.

Wireless Printing
Something that has been disappointing in the past for iPhone users has been the iPhone’s wireless printing function.

So watch out for the updates.

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