Why Would I Choose Mac Over Windows OS Laptop?

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I had a discussion in one of the engineers in our office and he is hesitant to buy between a High End Windows OS and Macbook Pro. I told him that I would prefer using MAC rather than using Windows OS, since I have experience using both. His alibi was that MAC is not for Engineers.  but in reality MAC is for Engineers and Managers as well. There are lots of software that are now available in MAC and Windows. But I must admit that there are some Engineering Software which are not available for MAC. But a MAC user could always make a dual boot system for his MAC. MAC can install windows by using Boot Camp.

My Mac did not change it’s performance for almost 3 years since I bought it. Although I am having some problem on it’s screen, I made a solution on buying an LCD and make my MAC like an stationed PC in our house. By the way my kids love to use MAC for playing computer games instead of their i5 Computer.

So All I can say is that I am a happy MAC user, and If ever being given a chance to buy another one, I would definitely go for MAC Book Air.

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