Will Apple Surprise The Public With iPhone 5 & iPhone 4s Specs?

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For years, Apple was able to dominate the market because of the creativity of the iPhone’s design and software capabilities that couldn’t find elsewhere.

That’s a challenge Apple will have to address on Tuesday, when Tim Cook is widely expected to unveil the fifth-generation iPhone 5 and iOS 5. The event will take place at Apple’s Cupertino, California, campus as announced earlier.

But before the formal announcement, speculations show that iPhone 5 new design would feature a teardrop or tear-shape design with a metal back and a slimmer body. Teardrop shape means, one side is thicker than the other, and so as the weight is not balanced.

Although these details are unclear, it is said that Apple has been working on an iPhone 5 that is thinner and lighter, with better antenna and bigger touch screen.

Now the question is, what designs will guarantee to hypnotize consumers. That’s the challenge Apple designers need to come up to.

Regardless of the design of the next iPhone, there are same sure-fire bets over the specs according to the news. It’s expected that the A5 dual-core processor currently found on the iPad 2 will make its way to the new iPhone, as well as more RAM (doubled from 512MB to 1GB) and a higher-resolution camera, possibly 8 megapixels.

There are also some rumors that iPhone will show not only one iPhone but instead two, namely iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s. So let’s wait for the big apple news on Tuesday.

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    tonyboy - aboutofws

    Ano nga kaya bago design that Apple will release today. If what is mentioned here is true, it’s really unusual. I’m thinking how does it feel to carry one. Looking forward what fanatics would say about the new designs.

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