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12 Important U.S. Laws Every Blogger Needs to Know

May 5, 2007 by     No Comments    Posted under: Blogging Tips

Did you know that there are 12 Important U.S. Laws Every Blogger Needs to Know specially when you are blogging in US or your blogging platform is hosted in US. Well for me I did not know until I have come to this post.

  • Whether to Disclose Paid Posts
  • Is Deep Linking Legal
  • The Legal Use of Images and Thumbnails
  • Laws that Protect You From Stolen Content
  • Domain Name Trademark Issues
  • Handling Private Data About Your Readers
  • Who Owns User-Developed Content and Can You Delete It
  • The Duty to Monitor Your Blog Comments, and Liability
  • Basic Tax Law Issues in Blogging
  • Limited Liability Laws and Incorporating
  • Spam Laws and Which Unsolicited Emails are Legal
  • Are Bloggers Protected from Journalism Shield Laws

With this law in mind I think most of the blogger will now be very careful on their post.

Hat Tip from Yuga

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