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Farm Town, Farm Ville , Restaurant City and Mafia Wars | What Are Your Facebook Games ?

Jul 21, 2009 by     26 Comments    Posted under: Blogging Tips

Farm Town, Farm Ville , Restaurant City and Mafia Wars are some of the games that are now hot in facebook. I am receiving lots of invitation of this games in my facebook account and some are sending me gifts also, So are you playing this games and do you have any tips and suggestion on how we could get our yard bigger. Well for me I have some tree in my yard.

I have seen that there are option where you could buy points from facebook . So your US $  for points, I just don’t know if there are facebook user who are really buying points from them. So if it is really true could we sell coins in exchange of money thru our Philippine Paypal. Will this be an additional source of income ? Have you heard of any transaction such as this ? Another Make Money Online ?

Since my kids loves playing Computer Games , they also love to send me virtual gifts thru this Facebook games mentioned above. BTW they could only use the computer during weekdays.  So thanks to my Wife and Kids for sending me gifts such as goat, rabbit and tree 🙂 .. And to all other facebook friends who are sending me this gifts, Thanks to all of You. If you have not yet include me in facebook you can visit and me at www.facebook.com/dexter.panganiban .

You might want to share your tips and experience about this games. And what are other games do you play in facebook ? Do you mind sharing it.

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  • wow, your site is awesome! mafia wars is great!

  • Isa sa may gawa dito is Pinoy.

    • @Red,

      Hmm.. That is interesting.. alin dyan ang gawa ng pinoy ?

      • @Dexter Panganiban, add mo ako sa Facebook and you’ll see. Isa ako sa FV developers. Here’s my email: denthorq at gmail ok?

      • @Red,

        I just added you. Just approved it. I am interested to know the games that was made by Pinoy 🙂

  • Great post. Nice blog design also, troubling to see your RSS feed though :S

    • @Mafia Wars Strategy,

      Hmm.. I think I don’t have problem with my full RSS..

  • add me up need neighbor ^^ tnx

  • guys add my facebook acount.. kita kits sa mga farm natin.. ^^

  • hey guys!!!!wats up

  • bkt nagmamaintenance knina yng restaurant city?

  • I play the knighthood

  • syempre, the best FB game: Mafia! 🙂

    • @Paul,

      Hmm.. mapag aralan nga yan. 🙂 sa ngayon farm ville lang ako eh eh he

  • nyay addict ako sa farm town ngayon hahaha. i am planning to post farm town too kaso tinatamad pa ako hehehe

    • @Ambo,

      Ha ha ha.. post ng post.. yung mga anak ko tinatrabaho yung farm ko .. pati si misis 🙂

  • Sir I meant Typing Maniac, a typing game in Facebook which I’m currently addicted to.

    Pero yeah, Blogging Maniac kayo sir. 5 posts in a day – and not just paraphrased posts! Whoa! Hehe…

  • typing maniac FTW!

  • wow naunahan mo ko dito sa post about farm ville ha..pinapaganda ko pa ung post ko about jan..hahaha malakas ba traffic nito bro?

    • @Chris Astadan,

      Ha ha ha.. di pa ang hirap ngang manguna dito eh he he

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