Click Cable Internet ( Taal Batangas ) Review

I just finished my vacation in Taal Batangas today and while I am staying in Taal Batangas I have used Click Internet Cable Connection. They are paying Php 999 for a month connection with a contract of 24 months. The actual download rate is 0.348 Mbps, In general connection speed is ok , I am actually using to connect at my computer in my office and there are no problems at all.

If you plan to use your Click Cable Internet connection to view online streaming or free movie online stream you better get a higher speed since our connection was not able to get a good view of an online streaming. The movie needs to buffer every other 30 seconds which is not good if you are watching movies.

But in general if you will use the connection just to play facebook, or even chat with your firends , I think the connection will not be a problem.

I just experience few disconnection , using the D-Link DIR 600 that I bought for my parents. I have tried using 3 laptops at the same time using wifi and there where no problem n our connection.

You can opt to have an internet connection only without Cable TV connection. Click Cable Internet is being run by ACLAN CABLE NETWORK, INC. , Cable Provider (Lemery, Batangas).

But One thing I can say is it is better than SMART BROADBAND in Taal Batangas.

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Dexter Panganiban

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    Im sorry to say this click pero nakakainis npo un internet connection nmin sa lemery batangas,we cant connect po sa facetime,ilan beses n din kami nagcomplain sa aclan.sana nmn maayos plsss.thanks

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    hi dexter,
    I find your review very helpful as we just got out of Globe WIMAX coz it does not serve good in our area (Dumantay Batangas). Waiver of pre-termination charges still pending approval. Now we are thinking which to choose Smart pocket wifi or Click! still can’t decide. they say cable is more stable and rain or shine there is connection. pocket wifi on the other hand is so handy i can bring it anywhere, when there’s no signal inside my house i can bring it outside. can you give me an advice please?

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    Tech At Hand Supports Batangas Today - TechRunner

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      Dexter Panganiban

      @Unlock a Wii,

      I must agree, in Saudi Arabia I am using 4 Mbps and sometime I still feel it is too low. But for a normal user like my parents who only uses the internet is playing facebook and reading e-mail, they said it is enough for them.
      And ofcourse 8 Mbps will cost a fortune to them 🙂

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