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Spot Pass : Trinoma Food Tour

Apr 25, 2008 by     18 Comments    Posted under: Philippines, Review

Just arrived from Spot Pass Trinoma Food Tour sponsored by spot.ph. I will update this post and post about our Food Tasting experience 🙂 . Well it is my first ever off line blogger’s meet up experience.

I will link and post pictures that i took from our food tour. Great experience.

Nice to meet the following bloggers Julie , Cookie, Maki , Jester in Exile ,Jeric , Nina Fuentes , Dak , Cams , Aj & bleue/angel

I know there are lots of bloggers there, but I was not able to get your details let me know who you are . :). I gave you my card. Wait for the Trinoma Food Tour Pictures.

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  • @ Jeric

    Nice to meet you also.. and good luck for your new Vlogging site

    @ dak

    Nice to see you too .. take care on yout trip

  • hello! nice meeting you there!

    dak’s last blog post..Engrossed & Intoxicated

  • Hello! Nice meeting you and your wife 🙂

  • @ cams

    Great that you saw my site 🙂

    @ jester

    You better remind me on my next vacation.. Kita kits ulit

    Dexter’s last blog post..WordPress 2.5.1 is out

  • […] Just arrived from iblog4 Blogger’s Summit , I met some blogger friends. I am not able to attend 88db.com party since I have to be with my kids. I am out of home for 2 days. Anyway tomorrow I will update this post and my post regarding Trinoma Food Tour. […]

  • dex, pasalubong when you return back from saudi, eh? hehe

    the jester-in-exile’s last blog post..The Jester-in-Exile Goes Speed Eating: The Spot.PH Blogging Tour at TriNoMa

  • hi! finally, i saw your site already! nice meeting u! 😀

    cams’s last blog post..benefits of blogging..

  • @ Mikko

    Oh really, I am also glad that i met you at iblog4

    Dexter’s last blog post..ibog4 Blogger’s Summit and Meet Up

  • Hi kuya.

    I was there. Wahehehe, on the other table nga lang. 😀

    Mikko’s last blog post..Flying to Manila and Brand New Logo

  • Nice meeting you guys, i have also updated the links. 🙂 see you at iblog4

    @ Maki

    Great to meet you also.

    @ bleue/angel

    I have changed the link. Sorry for that.

    @ Baklang AJ

    Links updated 🙂

    @ nina

    Nice to meet you also. 🙂

  • Hola! It was great to meet you and your wife as well 😀 See you later at iBlog4!

    nina’s last blog post..The Adobo Bento? a Pinoy take on Japanese boxed meals

  • haha, yep, AJ’s http://baklaako.com/, mine is http://www.visitsagada.com :), naconfuse tuly ako kung si AJ ba yun o ako! XD

    bleue/angel’s last blog post..PAL Express

  • Hey it was great meeting you! See you tomorrow!

    (mali po yung link ko, hehe)

    Baklang AJ’s last blog post..Friday Quickies: Amateur Hunks Search, Cebu Priest Blames Homosexuality for Cebu Canister Scandal, Kevin Flood’s Voluntary Exit, Jobs for Gay Men, and more!

  • hi sir, hehe, angel po not aj of visitsagada.com and lakwatsero.com, aka as bleue, hehe! I was the one who handed visitsagada stickers to you.:) nice meeting you sir!

    bleue/angel’s last blog post..PAL Express

  • I was nice meeting you and your wife! 🙂 Ooh and I will be posting pictures of you in making “Dexter’s Pizza” hehe

    Maki’s last blog post..Warning: Food Tripping is Dangerous to Your Health

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