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I have see a good Calculator tool for your blog. Most specially if you are having an Engineering blog. According to Kalid Azad who grew up near Boston and earned a degree in computer science from Princeton University with a minor in finance. He worked at Microsoft, becoming the first program manager to develop and implement Microsoft’s anti-spyware strategy. He created the classification system used to analyze spyware along technical, legal and business lines. This process was later adopted by the Anti-Spyware Coalition and recognized company-wide.

InstaCalc is a vision for a fast, simple and powerful calculator”

A sample on how to this is shown below.

Results appear as you type. Edit in real-time.
Generated Image

Easier than Excel

Use readable numbers and equations.
Generated Image

Painless Sharing

Save a link or embed in your webpage. Readers can see your thoughts, update the numbers, and link to the new results. No logins, no hassles.


Try charts, programming and more.

And here is the sample on embedding this feature on your blog. I have adopted the HTML version although you can also use JAva version.

and Example input might be as follows using Pythagorean Theorem:

Row 1 : X = 5

Row 2 : Y = 10

Row 3 : (x^2+y^2)^(1/2)

It should give you and answer of 11.18033988

You could provide any mathematical equation you like. Even it is 3,4,5 and so on variables. It is cool that is why it caught my attention, As an Engineer this kind of application is very useful.


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