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My Blog Earnings For February 2007

Mar 3, 2007 by     4 Comments    Posted under: Adsense, Problogging - Make Money Online

I have seen lots of post yesterday and today regarding February income of a blog one of which is johnchow.com which reported of having an income of $7,011.05 which is pretty good for a blog. It made me an idea to give also my earnings this February.

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Above is the adsense earnings I got from my 2 Blogsites ( Praise and Worship Song Lyrics & Philippine Eleksyon 2007 ) I made last January. For this particular site I am not yet monetizing this by adsense because I still have a low Page Views a day. So my primary goal for this site is to increase my visitors by giving an interesting idea at this blog. Below is the Total Earning for the month of February

Adsense = US$ 36.95 ( Praise and Worship Song Lyrics & Philippine Eleksyon 2007 )

Money4Blogs = US$ 30.00 ( Praise and Worship Song Lyrics )

Load.com.ph = US$ 2.68

Grand Total = US$ 69.63

Not bad for a newbie like me. It do hope that I can beat this by March. What about you do you have an income last February? It was only today that I beat US 50.00 Mark of adsense and so I am waiting now for my PIN. And I have made a promis that all income of Praise and Worship Song Lyrics will be used in the Ministry.


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  • They pay via Paypal.. I sue the service of PMT before.. to do this since i don’t have paypal.

  • may i know if money4blogs pay through check or egold. i am a filipina and would love to try money4blogs.thanks a lot.

  • The easiest and most profitable way to monetize a website is to charge a cover charge. I charge $1.00 per day to visitors of my Franworst.com site. Unlike your site, they get many times more than $1.00 value from each visit.

    To those who say it doesn’t work, or it’s bad form, I say: “That’s why I’m a millionaire and you’re not.”

    Millionaire Richard Quick, Esq.

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