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iPod in for my blog ( Online MP3 )

Aug 15, 2007 by     2 Comments    Posted under: Blogging Tips, Gadget, Tips and Tricks

This is my online iPod skin with proper functional MP3 player that works exactly like the real iPod. I may not have one in reality but it is good that I have it online. You may Upload MP3 on their site as well as you can also add music which was uploaded by other.

According to Amit:

ivoon is a new service that lets you share music on your webpages and blogs using the very familiar interface of the iPod. You can either upload your own MP3 songs on the ivoon website or create a playlist from songs that are uploaded by other users.

You can embed that song list using either a black or the white iPod. Sorry but no support for videos since this an audio only version of the iPod.

There are currently no restrictions and the music streaming is pretty fast so this service could also appeal to podcasters who want to showcase their MP3 archives on the homepage.

Thanks to Amit for providing this information.

Other source of information : iVoon Player | Thanks Derek and Orli.

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