Fire Phone: Amazon’s Take on Smartphones

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fire phone
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Amazon is planning to release its own line smartphones called Fire Phone. It’s most attractive feature is face tracking recognition and its ability to recreate objects in 3D. Of course, the Fire Phone is linked to the Amazon ecosystem making the soon-to-be-released smartphone a new revenue generator for the billion-dollar company.

Hold your horses – the Fire Phone isn’t on the shelves yet. Though the other big dogs, Android and Apple, could be scrambling in their offices right now thinking of a counterpart for “Dynamic Perspective” and “Firefly”, the Fire Phone’s two selling features.

Dynamic Perspective

With 4 low-powered cameras and 4 infrared LED’s built in the front, the Fire Phone has the capability of scanning objects and rendering them in to awesome 3D in it’s 4.7-inch screen. It won’t take much processing speed though as Dynamic Perspective has its dedicated processor to do the job.

When the phone is released, Dynamic Perspective will enable you to perform one-handed gestures as commands – all this without touching the Fire Phone’s screen. Also, if you tilt the Amazon smartphone while playing Amazon music, the phone will automatically show the lyrics.


Another feature that might get a lot of switchers is called “Firefly”. Firefly basically lets your camera take product of a picture and identify it. After which the Fire Phone will show you if it’s available in Amazon store. It doesn’t stop there though – it also enables you to listen to sounds and identify texts and numbers which will be sent to Amazon’s servers for identification.

So if you see a lost kitty poster, just scan the number on the poster with Firefly and you can now actually use it.


What’s the point of creating a new smartphone if you can’t actually rival the specs of your competitors? Fire Phone’s got its bases covered though. Sporting a 4.7-inch screen, it has a quad-core Snapdragon 2.2GHz, with 2GB of RAM. Pretty decent, I would say.

The camera is a 13-megapixel powerhouse with added features such as 5-element f/2.0 lens with image stabilization capabilities. You can also easily launch the camera with a push of a side button.

The 32GB version will cost US$199 with a two-year contract with AT&T. The 64GB version will cost $100 more. News of its availability abroad isn’t around yet, but since Amazon is a global store, it won’t probably take long before we can get a hands on this pretty gadget.


The Fire Phone is definitely the newest addition to a line of great smartphones. Android and Apple better watch their backs now.

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