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Is There Something Wrong With Technorati?

Jul 8, 2008 by     2 Comments    Posted under: Blogging Tips, Site Updates

technorati Technorati is one of the site which I frequently visit, but just today I have seen a big drop at my stats. Yesterday my stats is somewhere below 20,000 but today I have seen that my rank goes to 233,847 which is very far from yesterday. I know that I have been penalized by Google but do Technorati also penalized a blog ? What I know about Technorati is, it is based on the # of links directed to your site and not because of PR from the last 6 months. And I know that my links where added little by little and not just one load in a day.

Well I don’t know what is happening in  Technorati.

Does anybody noticed the same or I am just one of the lucky blogger to have this. Well just asking.

There are also good things happening on my site like RSS Subscriber is increasing and the Unique Views is also increasing. Strange huh.. After Dropped in PR and this problem from Technorati I got a higher Page Views and lower Bounce Rate. Hmm.. 🙂 . Thanks to all my Visitors

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  • @ edward

    Yup.. If the basis of payment is Technorati ranking we should do something to put it up.

    Dexter | Tech At Hand Dot Nets last blog post..How To Install New Fonts in Computer ?

  • Hello,
    I used to have a good ranking in Technorati but lately it also goes down. It is good if you are using it for pay to blog because some of them need your site to have a good ranking aside from alexa and PR but if not then why worry.
    Product Review

    edwards last blog post..DCLICK ADS

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