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2008 Earnings Report | Techathand.net

Ok I just told you about my blogging accomplishment last year 2008 and I have shared you my 2008 Blogging Statistics so to day I would like to discuss about my earnings last year 2008 compared to 2007 where I announced here that I am now a 4 figure blogger. So here is my Year 2008 Analysis

I will not put the figures but the percentage only. You just have to calculate from my report last year 🙂 ok

2008 Earning Report | Techathand.net

The above graph shows my AdSense earnings this year compared to last year. I may say that it triples my earnings this year in AdSense Alone. But if you will deduct the expenses for hosting at Dreamhost I may say that it is only a few dollar from my earnings. I was also able to do private Advertising thru forums and contacts in the industry. If I will sum it up ( including Peyd post , Which I already stop doing ) I can say that in this year I made 5 times on what I have last year.

It was a really great year for me and I am looking for another great year to come. I am now studying the ins and outs of Affiliate Marketing and I know I still have lots to learn. So If you want to know the details about it, just keep an eye in my Personal Blog because it is there where I will details the finding that I may find with Affiliate Marketing. Paypal ( Affiliate links ) helps a lot in doing Online Transaction because I am able to transfer payment from Paypal  to my Citibank Credit Card.

I stop doing Peyd Post since I am having issues with my blog indexing and SEO Matters in this blog.

Always remember the saying don’t put the eggs in one basket. try to find other source of income and make your blog as an entrance to those things. Don’t be afraid to look for other niche, try to understand the system and later you will be able to understand it.

Upon checking my Adsense stats I found out that my CTR decrease to about 22%, This is mainly because of the Direct Advertisers but I was able to increase my daily earnings because mainly on blog traffic that I in my last post about 2008 Blogging Statistics.

Here is my statistics for this blog alone 🙂

2008 Earnings Report | Techathand.net 2008 Earnings Report | Techathand.net

Biggest earner is this blog, because of the Unique Visits and Regular readers that drive traffic to this blog. Thank You Guys. So watch out for my Blogging Goals for 2009.

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  • Tuloy tuloy na yan bro! hehe, congratulations! Just another proof that anyone can make money online if only you have the dedication, hardwork and patience.

    Tamad lang ang nagugutom. 🙂

    bloggistas last blog post..Uninteresting World Wide Web Fun Facts

    • @bloggista,

      Ha ha sana nga eh.. yup.. dedication, hardwork and patience that is absolutely right 🙂

  • congrats!! successful talaga ang blog mo!! more money!! 😀

    • @Jan Alvin,

      Salamat po.. and I do hope na manganak ito by this year 🙂

  • Hi Sir Dexter pwede po exchange link tayo 😀 hehehe

    • @Gabriel,

      No Problem just let me know the details I will do the links at my link section 🙂

  • Bloger was the original director of the Filipinos. I am Chinese, I am very glad to meet you!

    seogs last blog post..好域名对seo的影响

  • Congrats on your increased earnings Dex and good luck on your new endeavor on affiliate marketing.

    As for me, I’m also quite satisfied with my Adsense income specially during the last quarter of 2008 when I finally broke four figures in one month. Woot!

    Anyway, for this, I’m exploring domain parking and setting up mini-sites as another source of online income. Wish me luck on that. 😀

    Here’s to more online success for 2009! Cheers. 😀

    Fitzs last blog post..Thank You 2008

    • @Fitz,

      Wow 4 figure in a month.. that is great.. I have not yet broke that myself.. anyway I hope I will some day. I am also starting some new blogs but my target is affiliate..

      Goodluck to your minis sites and domain parking I hope it will work you and we can share some information when we meet 🙂

  • thats was a great earning improvement.

    i’m sure by 2009 it will increase 10 folds… 🙂

    Happy New Year Dex.

    zaldss last blog post..Free Facebook Ads Coupon Code

    • @zalds,

      I do hope it will increase.. and I hope Affiliate will work for me also 🙂

  • hahaha kala ko my amount :D… hhehee

    Gabriels last blog post..Comment on “Takipsilim” The Filipino Version of Twilight by job

    • @Gabriel,
      Ganoon ba, actually you see the amount if you will see the previous earnings 🙂

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