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Technorati VS Google Blog Search

Apr 30, 2008 by     9 Comments    Posted under: Blogging Tips

Which is better Technorati or Google Blog Search,I have noticed that there are some backlinks that Technorati is showing and Google Blog Search is not showing. So to all having backlinks at my site, Sorry to tell you that sometimes I am not able to see it because they do not appear at my dashboard.

So it is still better to give a note to those whom you link informing that you link to them. It may also be a start of having a good Blog to blog relation. 🙂

So based on your experience which do you prefer Technorati or  Google Blog Search in checking your incoming links ?

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  • Technorati detects back links faster. 😀 I love technorati. 😀

  • For me, it depends if what’s more convenient for you to use.

  • Technorati here. 😀

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  • mas gusto ko po yung technorati kse mas updated sya, yung google limited lang yung pinapakita..

  • i really don’t care hehe as long as there were back links (showing or not showing) i’m ok. pero kidding aside. technorati’s backlink is still way much better compare to google blog search, so for the meantime i’ll stick with technorati.

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  • @ Jaren

    In reality i only use Technorati.

    Dexter’s last blog post..Technorati VS Google Blog Search

  • personally… I use technorati..to check.. but to get the best of both worlds… I use them both… :)) labo ko! :))

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