Widget Bucks Revisited and Reviewed

After I have blog and installed Widget Bucks at my other site here and here I have find below some information based on the Clicks and payments that they have done.

Please be informed that the location of my ads is not fully optimized since I don’t have to sacrifice my Adsense because I still be that Adsense get me more income.

What is my findings regarding Widget Bucks

  1. After 11 days of implementing this widget at my other blogs ( 1 with high traffic at about 400 unique visitors a day and the other with low traffic ) I found out that I have only earned $ 1. And the only one that earns is the High Traffic Site.
  2. The low traffic site did not even get 1 cents at all. ( Low traffic means 50 unique visitors a day )
  3. I have not seen in the Control Panel the $ 25 that they have promised upon registration, Actually it should already be there. ( Although as per their official Blog it will be shown next week )
  4. The widget Bucks can have a higher CPC and earning for your site if you will put them in the optimized areas like what happen to ( Any other who has good experience from this new widget ? )
  5. There are still red colored earnings in my control panel which shows that they still need to update my earnings.

More information for Widget Bucks

Additional Information could be found on their official Blog. They have already 5,000 Sign Up in the first 1 Week. So that only means that I am the 2004th blogger to sign to them since that is my referrer # . Some information can also be found here.

Graph below show the sign up they made last week.

If this will be successful , Whose earning a lot from this.? It is none other than John Chow since most of the referral came from him, If I am not mistaken. By the way I got the tip from Him.

So if you want also to try this one : Sign Up for Widget Bucks

Happy Blogging and let me know your experience with this new widget.

Dexter Panganiban https://techathand.net/about-2/

Dexter is a person who loves technology,new gadget, SEO, Social Media and Christianity. Follow him at twitter via @techathand and add him @ Google+ and contact us at [email protected]

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