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I Want to Know More Bloggers

Oct 14, 2007 by     20 Comments    Posted under: Blogging Tips, Philippines

Help Hello there are you a Filipino Blogger ?, I would like to expand my reach to other bloggers and I would like to gather more friends in the web, specially Filipino & Filipina Bloggers.

I would like to make a list of Filipino Bloggers in the net.

Just put your site Name and Anchor Text in the comment like exactly what is shown below. ( Just copy,paste and edit )

Owner Name : Dexter

Category : Tech

<a href=”https://www.techathand.net”>Technology At Hand</a>

I will make a compilation post of all the links that I can gather. And as my way of saying ” Thank You ” to you for joining this little project of mine I will pick one of your post and I will link you back, but of course It will be related to this blog niche.

I am closing the comment section of this blog after 15 days. So who ever joins this little project will be rewarded by links and ???? hmm.. What else.. Let us see he he he.. I don’t want to make promise then be broken later on.. Just let us see.. I want cooperation form you guys.. Everybody is invited including those who are already subscribed and constantly commenting on this blog.. Thanks in advance. ( You may not see reply from me here, But I will be watching the input from you guys..)

You may want to help me? Just link here at let your readers know about it. Help me propagate this little experiment.

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  • Hellow! its nice to see more filipino bloggers! kasi pansin ko ang kukunti na lang natin.

    Owner Name : Dexter
    Category : Tech/Blogging
    Blogger Entrepreneur

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  • Owner Name : Dean Paul Cabansag

    Category : General, Personal, Tech

    Dean Paul Cabansag 2.0 | Daily Tech and Random things Blogged

  • Owner Name : Tyrone

    Category : Business and Finance

    Millionaire Acts

    Millionaire Actss last blog post..Get what you want from credit card companies

    • @Millionaire Acts,
      Nahalukay mo ito ah tagal ko ng project ito.. sige at one of this days iupdate ko yung list

  • Owner Name : Bert Padilla

    Category : Technology

    CITE-Technologian “I Am Just Doing Ordinary Things”

  • Owner Name : Kevin

    Category : Tech, Personal

    It’s An Everyday Learning

  • Owner Name : Brown Pinay
    Category : Personal / Mixed Bag
    Brown Pinay

    Brown Pinays last blog post..Line to Heaven

  • Owner Name : Ain

    Category : Weblog


    Ains last blog post..“I owe you an apology.”

  • Hi, I’m Pinay- google brought me here.

    Owner Name : Anah

    Category : Personal – Life in General

    What’s Da Buzz

    Salamat po,


    Anahs last blog post..Specializing and the Pharmacology Ladder

    • I have ended this before anyway since from time to time there are other being added I might update the post soon

  • Owner name: Antonette
    category: personal, general
    cool mom an2nette

    tonette bachmanns last blog post..The Philippine Blog Award

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  • i love this site but the only thing i want is ehow to work on effect

  • Owner Name : The Budget Shopper

    Category : Shopping

    The Budget Shopper

  • Owner Name: JC John SESE Cuneta
    Category: Blognetwork
    gameshogun.ws Blognet

    Owner Name: ASEAN Clan (of Asia Finest)
    Category: Society, Culture
    ASEAN – Asia’s Perfect 10

    Owner Name: JC John SESE Cuneta
    Category: Gaming
    YOUr Lineage

    Owner Name: JC John SESE Cuneta
    Category: Personal, General
    Snow World

    Good luck and God Bless!

  • Owner Name : lanilane ocbina
    Category : general information
    RESPITE: A vanishing Point

  • Owner Name : Chibi
    Category : entertainment
    Truth is the safest lie

    • @chibi, not sure my most beautiful and talented artist. a lie will always be a lie and the truth will always be the truth (Matthew 5:37; John 8:32; John 4:24)

  • Owner Name : Alfred

    Category : Academics

    Filipino TEFL Connection

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