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Facebook buys a $10 million search company

Aug 18, 2010 by     9 Comments    Posted under: Daily Stuff

I just read from my e-mail subscription that facebook bought a search company worth $10 Million named Chai Labs.

Chai Labs is a relatively new start-up that specializes in a technology it calls “Semantic Search,” which “uses proprietary crawling, artificial intelligence and data mining technologies to analyze and extract insights from millions of real-time data points across the web,” according to the company’s website.

Is this something that Google will be afraid of, however in the other side of the story there are also humors that Google is making their own social media sites. For sure there is something that Facebook is making that we need to watch out.

At the end it is all good for us internet marketers, new place s to market and make money online 🙂 ,  so would you think it will be a battle of facebook and google since yahoo vs Google is now being forgotten.

Source : tgdaily

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  • I know people spend more time on facebook because fb is a social network, BUT I think google will remain always be the king, because they own internet most used sites like google,utube etc..

  • Hi there,

    The “World” really gave Facebook.com a landslide patronization… Well, they can buy everything now!

    Lalo n ng mga pinoy hehe,

    Art 🙂

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  • this is certainly a good news for all the bloggers.. the more competition, the more opportunities for publishers..

  • Pretty interesting post, Facebook and Google have been fighting for the top position for quite some time now, maybe this investment might help Facebook become popular on the search engine market as well.

    Best Regards,

    • @Vlad,

      I think it’s better this way where it only proves that google is not the sole mighty king of all search engines.

  • @sir Dex,
    maybe it’s a JV ‘coz one of the investors(general partner) of ChaiLab is from Google Ventures. =)

    and good thing for IMs… another place to make money online.. 🙂

    • @ariston | viral marketing,

      Hmm.. according to the links and different news in the net, it was purchased by facebook… you can check the news I put a my source..

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