Earnings with CPA Networks ( Leadbolt Vs CPA Lead )

First of All everybody know I am ProBlogger which means I also earn from Blogging here is my latest Project that I am telling you about from my last post.

I know that most of my subscribers are enrolled in Google AdSense, but what if I tell you that there are other networks that could pay more than what Google AdSense pays ? What I am referring is the CPA Networks, CPA Networks pays you whenever your visitors complete a task, perhaps a survey or an e-mail submit etc. But for this particular post I am going to discuss about CPA Lead and Leadbolt , I am fully using CPA lead in some of my websites and I can say that with in 2 weeks of an active user of CPA Lead , I made a 3 digit amount from them. And here is my observation with CPA Lead.

  1. This is a good AdSense Alternative but you will get better earnings if you are a type of active publisher and earns in an active mode, It can also be used as a passive income but I think this is mostly could attributed to active income.
  2. Referral system is good since you could earn 5% from your referral forever.
  3. You have full control of the ads that shows in your site.
  4. You could also customized the ads that shows in you site.
  5. Philippine Traffic could not be monetize.

I am now using Leadbolt as another source of CPA , The only problem i got is Threshold for Leadbolt is about $500 compared to $50 from CPA Lead, other comparison is Leadbolt is NET 15 and CPA Lead is Net 30 although you could be get paid net 15 if you pass the $1,000 mark. Believed me there are some publishers that is earning $1,000+ per day base on their shout in the CPA Lead Forum.

  1. CPA Lead shows how are the publishers you referred to them, Leadbolt will just show the number of referral that you got
  2. CPA Lead lets you earn from your referred publisher for life of 5%, leadbolt will give you only 2.5% for 6 mos
  3. Leadbolt is fully automated while you need to do configuration with CPA Lead
  4. Leadbolt has a banner option that could be promoted in your site including survey , while CPA Lead does have only splash page and Survey.
  5. I have seen that there are leadbolt ads available in Philippine Traffic while none for CPA Lead Publishers.
  6. Payment with CPA Lead is NET 30 and NET 15 if you pass $1000/month mark and NET 15 for LEadbolt with a Threshold of $500. Net 15 means you will be paid 15 days after the last day of the mont, if you are familiar with AdSense they are Net 30.
  7. Best thing is they bot accept PayPal and Wire Payments.

If you are not too technical Leadbolt will be better for you since everything in Leadbolt is automated. They will do the optimization for you.

Please be informed that survey type of Ads might be obstructive with your visitors , so you may want to choose the category where you want them to be shown. ( Applicable for WordPress Site ) , there are plug ins from both network for this particular concern.

As an additional information lots of CPA Leads publishers has been banned from using because of Fake Content, Spam and Adult Content so I think this is the best time to take advantage of those high paying survey 🙂

Warning : I have conversation with other publishers and as a piece of advise do not combine CPA Network Ads with your Google Adsense site, there are lots of reports that you could get banned from Google Adsense when it goes together. This is not official but a pure observation from other publisher.

Disclaimer : Links are Affiliate Links which means I earn if you become successful in this Make Money Online Scheme.

Dexter Panganiban https://techathand.net/about-2/

Dexter is a person who loves technology,new gadget, SEO, Social Media and Christianity. Follow him at twitter via @techathand and add him @ Google+ and contact us at [email protected]

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  1. 10
    Larry Mark Somocor

    Pare may method ka para maka register sa adsense sayang kasi traffic nang site ko if meron ill just pay you if i will earn na sa adsense thanks

  2. 12
    Larry Mark Somocor

    Well CPALEAD is the best for me!! 19 years old pa lang naka earn na nang 3000$ in 4 months laking tulong nang cpalead sa pagaaral..

  3. 16
    Dennis Adrian

    I lost $14k in cpalead. Got banned from the network. They should let us withdraw before they banned our account. Sigh. Anway, Im happy with Leadbolt. Paul was a great man, he really did answer all my questions regarding all the campaigns. BTW Miss Universe is still a hot niche. You may want to try it. 😀 I banked thousands on this one. But I’m focusing on another niche now.

    • 17
      Dexter Panganiban

      @Dennis Adrian,

      That’s bad, 14k is pretty good amount of money, but they are saying that you can send inquiry for those pending money, so did you send any to them ? What was their reply.

      Miss universe a seasonal keywords 🙂 . I think we need to focus on another seasonal niche to come 🙂

      Where most marketer earn a lot.

      • 18
        Dennis Adrian

        @Dexter Panganiban,

        No, I never had the chance to get the money back but I banked a lot from CPAlead before they stole my remaining balance since they state that I broke their TOS. Too bad for them they lost good publishers.:) The niche I’m using right now is banking really hard. Thanks to the automation tools. BTW Ascend Media offer higher paying email submits than CPAlead. Good luck on us, marketers. 😀

  4. 20
    Andy Perkins

    Signed up with leadbolt but for some reason, I cannot log in – the log in page just reloads.

    Tried with diff browsers, cleared cache and cookies too.

    Seems like leadbolt support is stumped too – they just ignored my support ticket.

  5. 26

    I learned a lot from reading the article through all the comments. I just think Adsense, CPAlead and Infolinks (without mentioning private ads)are the 3 best online source of income for your blog. But is it just okay to use Adsense and CPAlead banner at the same time in the same website?

    • 27
      Dexter Panganiban

      good to know that you are learning from those CPAlead experts at the comment section.. 🙂 , I will not refer joining Adsense and CPAlead in one blog.. For sure it is not against with CPA lead TOS but I have doubt on how Adsense thinks about it. Pops up is not allowed in Adsense TOS.

      • 28

        @Dexter Panganiban,
        I gonna agree with you. By reading some webmasters forum around the web, using adsense with CPA lead may lead to trouble with the Adsense TOS. I rather use Clickbank and Adsense – if I don’t want to remove Adsense on my site. Clickbank and Adsense are just okay to use simultaneously.

  6. 29

    Hi Dex. Have you heard anyone who got his payout from Leadbolt? I have an account from them but haven’t used it. Taas kasi ng minimum payout.

  7. 33

    >> do not combine CPA Network Ads with your Google Adsense site, there are lots of reports that you could get banned from Google Adsense when it goes together <<

    Can you cite an example web site?

    I have been using them together for more than three months now and so far, they're working perfectly well.

  8. 38

    Been a cpalead publisher for months now and I have only earned less than 60 dollars hahaha! Laziness really pays. I’ll try to update some of my old non earning blogs and see if cpalead works for them.

    @ Wow, finding a high paying cpalead niche takes lots of research and experiment which is why many publishers guard their high paying niche and sites. You do not go around asking people what their high paying cpalead niches or sites are, it’s like asking for the exact recipes of a highly sucessful restaurant (wink!). Do your own research, who knows? you might find a better paying niche of your own. Peace!

    • 39

      @Rhodilee, HAHA! No, actually I lied.
      The truth is, I’m already a successful CPA marketer. I’m currently earning at least $4,500 a day through CPA.

      I just want to connect with other CPA marketers by saying I’m just a newbie.

      • 40


        good to know if you are earning 4,500 a day… but ofcourse i know it takes some capital in order to get that .. just be sure you will not be banned or else your capital will be gone with the wind

  9. 41

    Adsense used to be my biggest earner but now it is CPALead. My experience with CPAlead so far can only be described as “great”; I earn easily with them and I believe that anyone who has a sound understanding of how the internet works can easily earn good with CPALead. If one puts 5 or more hours a day working on one’s CPALead sites, it would be easy to average $5K a month in earnings. I have a Leadbolt account but I haven’t tried using them on my sites so i don’t think I have the right to say anything about Leadbolt as of now.

    • 42
      Dexter Panganiban


      I agree, although changes in their policy directly affect my niche, I am constantly seeing your site in the top serp and I believed you’ve got a great earning from CPA lead :), Keep up the good work more SEO = More money

  10. 53

    I love CPALead!

    And yes, you can promote individual surveys in CPALead, just go to the Surveys tab and get the survey link.

    I’ve been focused on CPALead for the past two months and it’s now my second highest online income earner. (Google Adsense is still the first) It took the place of Infolinks which is now at a close third.

    And the 5% forever earnings you get from your referrals is really a big factor because it will make you want to help your referrals to earn more.

    That’s why I’ve set up a mentoring system with people who would sign up under me. I give them weekly tips and “ninja” strategies for CPALead.

    And with the recent announcement that they are planning to give their publishers higher payouts, I’m truly optimistic that CPALead will soon match my Adsense earnings.

    As for Leadbolt, I’ve also heard good things about them but have never tried it.

    Maybe because whenever I see people in CPA chat shouting $x,xxx earnings in one day, I say to myself – stay with CPALead. Haha.

    • 54


      I have seen that page, somewhere from facebook links 🙂 , I was enrolled in cpaleads long time ago but i did not know that it could give me a good income online. now, cpalead is better from adsense for me, maybe because my main blog got struck with google penalty.

      anyway it is better to have lots of income stream. just in case one broke down, there are still others to support.

      Infolinks is also third for me 🙂

      • 56

        @Wow, entertainment, technology and finance.

        Entertainment – small payouts, large volume of searchers

        Technology – medium to high payouts, large volume of searchers (but most know what adsense ads are)

        Finance – high payouts, medium volume of searchers

        I’d like to explore the health niche for that also pays high with higher search volume than finance niche, problem is that no time for now. But hopefully soon. 😀

      • 58


        Sir, can you please be specific like what certain areas of entertainment, technology, and finance are you earning the most?

  11. 60

    “Leadbolt has a banner option that could be promoted in your site including survey , while CPA Lead does have only splash page and Survey.”

    You can promote individual surveys using banners in CPALead 🙂

  12. 62
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