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I Got My First Kontera Payment Thru PayPal

I Got My First Kontera Payment Thru PayPalI have not blog about this but It is better late than never. Last December 3, I received my first ever Kontera Payment. I made post last February that I am now testing In-Text Advertising with Kontera ContentLink™! . What I did was just install the codes and do nothing about it. I just continue doing post as usual and doing some optimization. and That’s it. I installed Kontera with my other blogs as well.

I only earn from kontera after 10 month of my first installation of their codes. I think Kontera Favors some specific niche and there are some Filipino Bloggers earning from it. One of an example is selaplana.com who even becomes Blogger of the month of Kontera. Other blogger is Marhgil.

This blogs earns more from Adsense where I also share it before, from my post about an Adsense story to share. I will not still remove kontera from my blog since this last months I saw an increase from my daily income. So I think it will not take me another 10 months ( 303 days )  to get the other $100 to my PayPal .

I got an average $ 0.30 a day in Kontera not bad for just putting your codes and leaving it there and become one of my passive income source. { Those are income wherein even offline you can earn from it }

If you want to be invited you can just comment below that you want to join this program so I can send you the request to join although you can go directly to the site and ask for a new account.If you will enroll under my request I will also earn from it provided you will become an Active publishers. Active Publishers are publishers who reach 50,000 impressions within 60 days of signing up to Kontera’s network.

So wish me luck.. So do I miss anybody who’s earning great from Kontera. let me know your story. Maybe I miss it from the tons of my RSS Feeds 🙂

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  • I’m struggling with Kontera, and after reading your post I know why – I’m writing about things they don’t have appropriate advertisers for. Hmm. Time to rethink!

    Make money in a Recessions last blog post..Update on progress

    • @Make money in a Recession,
      You should hit their advertiser to gain more from them

  • actually kung pwede nga yung step by step from scratch hahaha, although dami ko na nabasa sa mga blogs nyo ni Jhez parang may kulang e or nde me ginagawa hahaha ano po ba priority well maliban sa good post na I’m working hard on it ahehe. Link exchange ba? commenting? baka may free seminars kayo ni Jhez and other very good bloggers 🙂

    Jersons last blog post..Basic Mountaineering – Mt. Talamitam climbing experience

    • @Jerson,
      Sana nga may free seminar kami ano.. nasa Saudi ako ngayon.. Pag uwi ko sana nga marami akong ma meet na blogger..

      Anyway I would suggest to be familiarize with different social Media Site.. And make submission. Be involve in forums .. Madami rin akong natutuhan sa http://forums.seo.ph/ at maraming mababait na kapwa pinoy ang nandoon..

      Link Exchange.. it one of the basics but it would be better to engage in 3 way exchange links.. Commenting >> I guess yes.. So that you will be introduced with different Pinoy Bloggers..

  • waaaaaa ang gagaling nyo. 🙁 wala pa ko kita kontera, meron sa adbrite tsamba tapos 50$ ang tagal pa makuha huhuhu.

    Pls. tulong nyo po me mga guru.

    Jersons last blog post..Basic Mountaineering – Mt. Talamitam climbing experience

    • @Jerson,

      Tsamba lang din.. he he he.. anyway ano bang gusto mong tulong.. tanong ka lang at sasagot ako at yung mga ibang reader dito..

  • may kontera din me at nag hihintay ng second earning 😀 highest revenue ko in 1 day is $25.00, kontera alone.. pero once lang nangyari.. yung iba $5, yung iba $1, yung iba less than $1.00

    tagal din maka ipon sa kontera, compared to adbrite inlinks na nag a average me ng $5.00+ daily. So baka pag tanggalin ko yung kontera tataas yung adbrite..

    hinihintay ko nalang yung second payment ko from Kontera, then I’ll remove it na for good.

    Kaka sign up ko lang din sa isang inlink advertiser: infolinks.com. Try ko din to if mataas sa adbrite or mababa.. depende kasi sa niche ng site kaya sa iba mataas daw infolinks sa iba mababa daw infolinks.. hmmmmmmm…

    dapat makagawa na me ng post about inlink advertising networks.. nyok 😀 hehehe

    Jehzeel Laurentes last blog post..How to Find a Lost Phone Inside a Very Small Room?

  • […] Jan 15th 2009. So, the sooner you sign-up with Kontera the sooner you can start earning. remember I already earn from it Related PostsKontera Is Helping Bloggers To Earn $25If anyone from you receives invitation from me […]

  • wow!

    nice shot1 hehe…

    congrats ya! ^^,

    ng.migrate kna pala?

    whew…just knew it…

    btw, this is aldwin. hehe and yung pinoy fear factor site ko..talagang succesful. hehe

    anyway, if namimiss mo yung philippines, pwede kang manood ng tv sa site ko, Baka kc wla kang tFC. hehe doon, wlang bayad. hekhek



    ingatz. ^^,

    DavaoMapss last blog post..

    • Yup.. it is great if you will shot the earnings 🙂

      oo lumipat ako ng bahay pero dito pa rin sa lugar namin mas mababa nga lang konti ang bayad..

      great doon sa fear factor mo.. ang problema wala pa rin kami internet sa bahay siguro mamaya maikakabit na rin 🙂

  • Congratulations!! 😀

  • Hi Dex. It’s good to hear you’re earning from Kontera. I already registered but have not properly installed it yet. If I find time, will refer to this post or consult you for help. Enjoy blogging and earning.

    Toms last blog post..My SSS salary loan check arrives

    • Yup for sure I will help you tom.. I just don’t know if it works with .ph .. Somebody should tell us about this.. Anyway It would be my pleasure to help you if you need it 🙂

  • Great content! I just came across your blog and actually read your posts! I wish you would post more often. It is hard to find good informative blog like yours! Thanks for the information. – Versa

  • Nice post again! Passive income from blogging really amazes me. As for now, adsense is only my source as I transferred from Blogger to WordPress.

    Millionaire Actss last blog post..Winner’s Creed

    • Just a suggestion don’t put all the eggs in one basket

  • try ko rin kaya mag kontera. hehe

    don_Sers last blog post..PNP Victorias City Ambush Pics

    • subok lang baka maganda rin kahinatnan

      • baka lumiit adsense ko… sayo hindi bah?? hehe

        don_Sers last blog post..PNP Victorias City Ambush Pics

      • tumaas pa nga dahil kay pacquiao at psp sa japan

      • wow!!! yaman mo na cguro ngayon. dami mo source of income. hehe

        don_Sers last blog post..PNP Victorias City Ambush Pics

      • ha ha ha sana nga para di na ako mag OFW pero katulad ko na si John Chow or Darren Rowse baka pwede na 🙂

  • I had a website that used to make a good amount of money a day with adsense, varying from 10 – 20 dollars a day. but I never was able to make any money with Kontera – probably a dollar or two a day. not worth the risk of pissing off some picky users.

    I had the tech niche, which is suppose to be a good paying niche.

    Nelsons last blog post..VMware Server 2.0 Username And Password

    • I believed you are right,, if it will give some problem with your visitors better not to do it.. But for my case i have not heard any complain about it..

  • dex, you might want to try infolinks. tinanggal ko kontera sa blog ko 2 months ago.

    nung info links ginamit ko. nagulat ako sa laki ng payout nila. from an average of 0.30 sa kontera a day, infolinks gives me at least 4-5 dollars a day.

    twice na ko nababayaran. di pa open affiliate program nila. sa selected publishers pa lang. pero once na nabayaran ka na. bibigyan ka na ng affiliate link.

    try mo rin, affiliate link to. 🙂

    derics last blog post..Now Streaming Dela Hoya VS. Pacquiao

    • I just check it out and found that I am already I just forget to install the code. Pwede kaya kasama kontera ?

      • I have not tried de. pero lam ko one time napag sabay ko sila e. pero I guarantee you. di ka magsisisi.

        derics last blog post..Manny Beats De La Hoya

      • I will try it.. maybe next week medyo busy pa me ngayon naglilipat kami

  • Ako matagal ko ng inalis to kaso mukhang ibabalik ko na yata dahil sa post mong to lol. Kelangan lang talaga ng tyaga, kahit barya barya pag tumagal daan daan at libo libo na. Congrats Bro!

    Ambos last blog post..Pacquiao Vs. Dela Hoya Video Round 1 to Round 8

    • Salamat bro.. siguro subukan ko rin yung infolinks sa ibang blog muna

  • wow..ang cool naman ng site mo..congrats!

    twistedminfs last blog post..Loud & Clear

    • Salamat po.. good to see you here.. From Plurk.. Hope you like what is inside this blog.. 🙂

  • there is actually a trick, a legal trick on how to increase your kontera income. Here’s how:

    1. Check the blog of Kontera on the popular keywords in the network.

    2. Choose a keyword that you want to optimize with.

    3. Do a research about that keyword and related keywords by using the Google Adsense Tool. Study the keywords on its popularity to advertisers and to searchers.

    4. Write a post about it, Make sure you mentioned the important keywords.

    5. SEO the post.

    So, once the post topped the SERP then you’ll be sure that you’ll earn money from adsense and from Kontera as well.

    SELaplanas last blog post..Wordpress, The Best Blogging Platform

    • Thanks SEL… Great to know this tip 🙂

    • Good sharing bro! hehehe.

      I also use Kontera in some of my blogs, the earnings are promising.

      Congratz dex!

      bloggistas last blog post..Just Another Lazy Day

      • Yeah.. Although there some information that infolinks works better.. Have you tried it ?

        Dexter | Tech At Hand Dot Nets last blog post..I Got My First Kontera Payment Thru PayPal

    • thanks for the tips! astiig yan.. stroke sa $60 kontera ko ehh

      JuanDerPul PINOYs last blog post..My First Sony Experience is with My SE K750i

      • OO nga sana sa sususnod mas madali na maka $100

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